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Putting off the hairdressers because of acne

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There might have been a post like this before but does anyone cancel hairdresser appointments or put off making a visit to the salon because they are embaressed?

I would cancel all the time when I was younger for four reasons:

1) I hated having to stare at myself in the mirror for x amount of time, also hate how the hairdresser talks to you in the mirror you can see her starring at your face at the same time as you are.

2) I had this slow motion vision in my head that as the hairdresser brushed my hair away from my face it would reveal my spotty forehead DUN DUN DUN

3) I was generally embaressed of my skin and worried what the hairdresser would think.

4) I was worried the hairdresser might cut my hair in a way that meant I could no longer hide behind it.

Now I am alot better and wouldn't let a couple of spots stop me from getting my hair done however given the current state my skin is I would def be cancelling if I had a hair appoinment tomorrow.


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I thought I was the only one. I agree with all your 4 points, that is particularly why I dont like getting haircuts. As they are snipping away at my hair, some of it gets on my face, and they kind of have to wipe it away on my oily pimply face...probably thinking "gross"

And then there's that awkward 45 minutes of silence going on when they are cutting your hair, I'm staring at that huge mirror that makes my complexion look 2896324389x worse and my face appears fatter. After a while I get a tired of focusing on one point (I dont look at myself in the mirror, I look around the room), I look at the hairdresser, she looks at me, our eyes meet briefly, and I quickly look back at the mirror and still not a peep out of both of us. Yeah....uncomfortable.

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I feel you A LOT on that jellybeans. When I'd get my hair dyed professionally, id be so nervous when she would put vaseline around my forehead because id get bumps along the top and she would touch them.

And the mirror thing, oh man :wall: waited for my hair cutting to be over.

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I'm a guy, and I'm not ashamed to admit that I too hate getting my hair cut because of acne :|

First, the hair always gets stuck to my face because of my depressingly oily skin.

Second, I just cringe when they start putting gel in my hair. All i can think of is it somehow getting on my face and giving me more acne.

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Oh jeez, I know all about this. Especially because my acne is mostly on the sides of my face, and that's where the hairdresser is staring at half the time. But I take my glasses off when I have my hair cut, or I close my eyes, just so I don't have to see my face in the mirror. Which is dangerous too, I can't see what the hairdresser's doing to my precious hair ...

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I get my hair done at the same place where I get facials from my esthetician. So basically everyone there knows that I'm concerned about my skin too. Of course everything single time I go I seem to get a big fat zit right on my hairline that's impossible for them to miss hahaha.

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I really need a haircut so I made a hair appointment a week in advance thinking that it would give me some time for my skin to clear up. But it hasn't, and it's worse than usual on my forehead. So it really makes me anxious thinking about how terrible my skin must look that I wanted so badly to cancel my appointment. I haven't canceled my apt, instead, I tried to cut my hair myself. Now it looks even worse. So I got some make-up thinking maybe that would help, but it caked when i applied it and made my skin eXtremely oily in only 3 or so hours. So now i'm stressing even more over going to this apt and its probably giving me more acne. fml

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omg i can totally relate to this. im a girl so can get away with longer hair but yes, i am avoiding haircuts as much as possible coz i HATE being with the hairdresser for that long and yes, ur 4 points are right on the spot! argh i thougt i was the only one... my hairdresser is a woman too and of course i feel self conscious...there were times when she cuts my hair and accidently hits one of my pimples and arghhhh tyhe painnn

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Just got back from getting my hair cut today and seriously, the guy had his hands ALL over my forehead.

I pretty much felt violated by the end of it.

Plus my skin is very sensitive, so it gets red very easily. So no surprises that when someone is hacking away at it, by the end of the haircut I looked like a god damn tomato. Had to hide my face the whole way home.....sigh

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