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summer holiday skin

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Hello....I'm new to this and really hoping I will get some useful feedback!

I'm 27 and had mild acne when I was younger which had pretty much cleared up UNTIL last summer when I went abroad and suddenly I have the worst acne EVER all around my neck, jaw line and cheeks....I've been told I go on about it too much but I can't help it, it totally takes over my life!

When I finally went to the doctor's she put me on anti-biotics (tetrasyl? / limacycline?) which I've been on for the past 3 months and it's done abs nothing....she also told me to take an anti-histamine everyday because I told her it's so unlike my previous acne, itchy and all around my jaw line....very strange??

Please someone give me advice! I feel guilty taking such a high dose of anti-biotics every day, my poor immune system!

Hope to hear from someone....! Thanks in advance.......C x

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I'm no expert but IMO your acne definately sounds hormone related due to the fact its on your jaw and neck.

Also never feel like you can't moan about it - I go on about my skin all the time and this site is sooo good for a rant because everyone understands how you feel.

I hate antibiotics - even if they do work they end up stop working late on down the line.

I feel for you having it just come up from no where.

If I was you I'd look at the hormone treatment threads.

Hope this helps

Hannah x

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