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Day 7:

Better late than never, right? I didn't track my progress thus far... mainly because there was none. I started using minimal amounts of Neutrogena On the Spot about a month ago. This led to high levels of irriation for a few weeks. I took a chance and ordered Dan's Cleanser, Treatment, Moisturizer, Jojoba, and AHA. I ordered everything, because after weeks of looking at this site, I have faith that it will work. When it arrived, I washed my face and slathered on the full amount. Fortunately, the reaction could have been worse. Honestly, the redness was much more severe when I was using the cream. I will admit, however, after applying the lotion, I looked like I had dumped baby oil all over my head. Not attractive.

On a pleasant note, I am extremely lucky to have a boyfriend who is 100% supportive. I showed him the "What to Expect" page, and he keeps reminding me that my skin is going to look nasty for awhile before it clears up. We are both a little down that I can't sleep with my head on his shoulder anymore, because my face is always a sticky, blotchy, sensitive to the touch mess when we hit the sack. This affect can mainly be faulted to my laziness. I should do the regimen a couple of hours before bed so my face is cuddle ready, but as with my Neti pot, I wait until the last minute, which leaves me droopy eyed sitting in bed waiting, watching the clock... five more minutes until treatment, ten more minutes until moisturizer... make desperate attempt to sleep on back without rolling around and gluing face to pillow... ew.

So, back on topic, I used On the Spot for a few weeks, got bad irriation. Acne improved on my forehead where I had approximately 17 billion whiteheads. Everywhere else, it stayed about the same. I don't consider the time I used OTS as time on the regimen.

So, DKR products got here last Monday. I officially started the regimen. The first week, I had patchy redness, and lots of those "Ouch zits" that are so satisfying when you pop them.... IF they pop. In my case about 1/4 give me the squirt the mirror satisfaction. The other 75% seem to burrow further down in my skin and turn the surrounding area purple for a few days.

Week 2: Forehead is still 85% clear. More ouchy zits... they are clearing up faster though. I think my skin is "purging". It is broken out worse on my cheeks and chin than I can ever remember. I think the old acne red spots on my cheeks are standing out more as well. Maybe I am just staring at my face more. Face is EXTREMELY red and burns all the time. Peeling gets worse everyday.



ME: " :( "

I am going to stick to the regimen until my face is clear. After I see results, I'll start using the Jojoba and AHA.

Wish me luck!

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Day Ten:

I got my first zit when I was in middle school. Back then, at any given point, I had about 20 zits, mostly on my forhead along my hairline. Once I discovered Covergirl, I caked it on in a way similar to icing a cake :/ Looking back, it baffles me that I didn't notice I looked like either an Oompa Loompa or Casper in every school picture from 6th to 9th grade. During this time, I also used Stridex pads like there was no tomorrow

I got really lazy in 10th grade, and honestly, I didn't even wash my face... like ever... water in the shower and I guess shampoo is the only cleaning that it received. Miraculously, this "do nothing method" worked, and my skin was absolutely clear other than a few PMS zits every now and then.

When I way young (like 4th grade), I had used my older cousin's Sea Breeze Sensitive Skin Astringent. I was shopping at Wal-Mart years later (when I was 17), and I decided on a whim to buy some. I freaking love how that stuff makes my skin feel. Man, I wish I could still use it without breaking out! Anyway, I used it morning and night for three years, and it actually helped even out my skin tone. Unfortunately, the older I got, the worse my hormonal acne got. I would get about five zits all over my face the week before my period. They would only stay for three to five days.

An incident that occured when I was 20 changed my skin forever. This incident was also the worst, most painful event in my life. My fiance and I lost our first child due to miscarriage. From the first week after it happened, my skin looked like someone painted polka dots all over it. My forehead was hit the hardest. On it there was basically no clear skin. It was just so bumpy. It looked like I doused it on super glue and poured sand over it.

I kept using Seabreeze for awhile. My acne stayed the same. My brother and fiance use Dial soap on their faces and have perfect skin, so I decided to try that. I started getting painful zits (not cysts) on my cheeks. These left scars. It doesn't help that I am a compulsive zit popper. I bought the Clean and Clear Acne Control Kit. It bleached my hair, burned my skin, and made my acne multiply even more. I stuck to it for awhile, because it said 100% of people see improvement. Apparently, I am not a person :/

So, I went back to the Dial and started using Ponds Dry Skin Cream... thinking I have tried all this stuff for oily skin... maybe treating for dry skin will work. At this point my skin was extremely oily and super dry all at the same time... if that makes sense. It was like a desert underneath a nasty layer of grease. My forehead was so shiny I was using 10-15 Oil Absorbing Sheets a day. I bought the Clean and Clear Morning Burst Cleanser and Moisturizer. My face stayed the same... maybe more oily.

I bought the Neutrogena Face Bar this past November. I started using that twice a day and following up with Euceren Daily Renewal (which is basically just oil, but I didn't know that then). Miraculously, my skin actually got a slight bit clearer for a few weeks. Then it got bad again. At this point, I think my hormones were leveling out a bit, because my acne was worse the week before my period again. Previously, after the miscarriage, it was just really bad all the time.

I had a friend who had cystic acne and got clear with Accutane. He was knowledgable about the different products used to treat acne. He informed me that I should not use body lotion to treat my face. He also told me about the differences between Salicylic Acid and Benzoyl Peroxide. Dumb me starting using Hydrogen Peroxide to spot treat... thinking it can't be that different. Needless to say, I was wrong. My acne got really bad again.

I started doing actual research online, and I discovered Acne.org... got some actual useful info, ordered the products...

Now I'm halfway through week 2:

My forehead hasn't looked this great since before the miscarriage. My cheeks look like they are windburned, and they are peeling a bit too. I have to use moisturizer in spots once or twice in between the regimen. Seems like zits are starting to develop on cheeks, but they are going away before the heads surface. Hmm...

I will update again soon <3

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Good luck! In my opinion, your skin should clear up fairly quickly - your acne is very mild. That's great that your boyfriend is so supportive, it really helps the entire process and gives you that "strength to keep going" when things get worse before they get better!

You have the nicest lips by the way! =]

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Day 13:

I am losing my drive to continue the regimen... I am going to keep at it for now though.

I have had FIVE YES FIVE people ask me in the past couple of days if I am sun burned...

I used the Jojoba Oil this morning hoping it would help with the flaking. It did. However, it made the redness worse. Apparently I rubbed moisturizer on my neck accidently, because I have these bright red fingerprint streaks all over it (from the BP mixed w/ moisturizer). Ugh. My cheeks are burning sooo bad. I had to go to my future mother in law's house today, and she kept staring at my face, but I could tell she didn't want to be rude and ask what happened to it...

my future niece did not share these inhibitions.

We were coloring together, and I had drawn a picture of myself. Not able to find the plain red crayon, I opted for a similar shade.

I asked her, "Are my lips 'Wild Strawberry'?"

"No, but your face is," the 12 year old little girl replied.



On another note, I have developed two new harshhhh zits and three or four of the less noticeable variety.

I think I am over cleansing, but I just can't see how ten seconds is enough to get my face clean. I am old school... I feel like I need to scrub the dirt off. Acne is just dirtiness, right? That's how I feel all day, every day anyway.

I feel like people see my greasy forehead and pimples, and think, "EwWwWw, that girl is NASTY."

-More later

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Day 14:

My face is red, and it burns all the time. It's peeling too.

"What to Expect" says the redness should have subsided by now. I am losing hope.

I spent over $70, though, so I am sticking to it for at least four weeks. If after that I am still this red, then I will choose acne over my whole face looking like a big inflamed zit.

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Week Three (Bad breakout is gone, whole face is still red):


A couple of new zits...


hi!! Stick it out! Honestly, i know you may want to give up but just like anything in life, things will calm down once your skin gets used to it. You gotta in a way teach your skin how to work now with this new regimen, consistency is key. ALSO, consider the alternative, you switch or give up now, youre only going to break out more..keep going at least 3 months. There are undelying breakouts that WILL surface but they will seem much more severe because we wake up every morning hoping to see a vast improvement but unfortunately thats not the case. If after 3 months of trying to maintain a constant level on the regimen then maybe reconsider, dont throw in the towel until youve given your skin enough time to respond! Good luck! I look forward to reading up on your progress!

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Hey Crystal! Thank you for your support... I am definitely going to stick with the regimen. You can see in my most recent pics that the redness isn't too bad. I think I used too much BP yesterday.

Overall, the benefits are outweighing the cons.

How long have you been on the regimen?

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Hey Crystal! Thank you for your support... I am definitely going to stick with the regimen. You can see in my most recent pics that the redness isn't too bad. I think I used too much BP yesterday.

Overall, the benefits are outweighing the cons.

How long have you been on the regimen?

Hello! I have been on it for about 4 weeks now, i got Dans BP on the 10th of this month so its slow but sure, i have learned to tell myself that IN TIME ALL THINGS HEAL and it seems to be helping. All i can do is do my regimen 2 times a day as instructed, not touch my face, and then just wait it out, i figure, if im doing what i am told to do in time my skin will come around. I really think you will acheive great results, and after reading up on other peoples experiece i think we all gotta play around with the formula til we find what works. (all while staying within Dans recommendations of course) Good luck! :razz:

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DAY 15:

The regimen is really drying out my zits fast. I am a picker, but even popping all my zits, they seem to be going away within like three days.

Ugh, I used this cheap-o shampoo today (b/c it smelled like coconuts), and my forehead looks like I slabbed Crisco all over it. I can see the little itty bitty sand-looking bumps wanting to pop back out. I have used 70935834095834098 oil absorbing sheets today :/

Oh well, Lost comes on tonight. I'm happy.

Btw, the redness isn't so bad today... just my cheeks are burning.

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Greasy forehead, feels nasty (it feels like acne there is trying to resurface) ....

Red only on left cheek (both cheeks marginally clearer than weeks 1 & 2...

Btw, I am not wearing any makeup in any of the pics except the "before"....










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holy crap, your skin looks excellent. and honestly, the redness that you mentioned just looks like you're wearing blush or something. it seems like you've had really excellent results with the regimen!

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Thank you scummy... I really have been lucky that the regimen worked for me just like Dan said it would on the "What to expect" page. Today I woke up with NO new acne. How exciting! For the first time since I can remember, I am not embarassed to leave the house without makeup (except on days when my face is red all over).

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Don't know if I wasn't gentle enought this morning or what...

I had to skip class b/c my face was so red. You know when you fall asleep by the beach with your sunglasses on? Yeah. I was sporting the racoon look all day. I just stayed in bed until 3pm, and then I finally started to look normal again. I don't know what caused it. I mean my face has not ever been that red the whole time on the regimen!!!

I felt like quitting for good, but I am going to just be super gentle and see what happens. I am going to help my dad sell stuff at the flea market tomorrow. I don't know if I can stomach all the comments I'll surely get about the redness of my face (my bro and bf will be there too). I want so bad to skip tomorrow morning, but my acne is pretty much cleared now, and I DON'T want to risk it coming back...

What should I do!?!?! Sorry no pic of the redness... I was too depressed to even think about a camera this morning.

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Well, yesterday morning and last night I used BP on only my problem areas. My jawline and under my eyes was wayyy irritated. I never had acne in those places, so I decided to experiment. I am still applying it heavily on my forehead and around my mouth.

Anyway, we'll see how it goes.

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I'm still not using BP on my jawline or anywhere even remotely near my eyes. Basically, I am applying it really, really heavy on my forehead (like a whole fingerlength)... that's where the worst of my acne was and moderately on my cheeks... where the majority of my acne is now.

I had to skip the regimen yesterday morning due to an engagement at my old college. I will probably regret it, but there was no way in H-E-double hockey sticks that I was letting all those people who I haven't spoken to in ages see me with my face that red. Nuh uh... no rumors going around about me being a run down alcoholic or getting my face burned up by an exploding drug lab... I couldn't risk it :P

So, with my zitty, not red skin I went and saw all my old teachers and school mates, which was quite interesting. I wish I could say with clear, porcelain skin... blah blah blah. Maybe when I'm like 40 my acne will be gone, and I can say with clear, wrinkly skin... but at least clear...

Anyway, last night, I was feeling frisky, so since I decided what the heck, my skin already looks like burned leather, why not try to moisturizer w/ SA in it. Well, what do you know? My freaking face didn't get red AT ALL!! WOW! I used the Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturizer w/ SA again this morning and went to class (still zits galore) but with normal colored skin.

So to conclude and summarize all this:

-After completely skipping the regimen one morning due to redness, I stopped putting BP on the areas of my face that were irritated (ironically the same areas that never had acne).

-I started using moisturizer with SA in it.

-Acne-wise at this point, my forehead is 90% clear. My cheeks are the same (at times I think worse but I'm pretty sure that's b/c I'm not wearing makeup) than they were when I started.

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My face has been feeling so great since I stopped using Dan's Moisturizer I decided, instead of Clean and Clear w/ SA, to put AHA all over it last night.

Now, let's back track. A few weeks ago I used AHA as a spot treatment and woke up with red polka dots all over my face, so last night's decision could have been tragic.

When I first applied it, the burning sensation almost drove me to wash it all off. I had no class today, so I left it on. The burning subsided and turned into a pleasant tingling. It dried way fast.

SURPRISE, this morning I woke up with milky white, smooth skin!!!

I still have three or four zits, but whatev. I'm happy.

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So happy for you and your progress! I have a similar story, after a miscarriage and 2 children my

skin was a mess. i found this site 3 months ago and have been using the regimen w/ great results. Believe me there were days that I wanted to quit, and at times i would have to stop for a night or two just to give my skin a break. There were also times i think i over used the BP and my skin was soooo dry and red, area around eyes especially dry. But, you just kind of learn how to alter the regimen a bit to suit your skin..just like you are doing. Stick w/ it, you will be so happy when you get a couple months further into it, your skin will start to really calm down..you will be amazed :dance:

Here are a few things that I have learned that have really helped me get through..

-jojoba oil is the bomb! i use it every morning 1st thing when i wake up. massage into skin (about size of quarter amount) gently rub small circular motions all over face for about five minutes. then wash as normal.

-be gentle on your skin..try and remember soothing and calming your skin helps heal acne. being harsh, scrubbing, over using too many different products all leads to over-drying and irritating your skin making acne worse and more painful.

Also, be careful using the moisturizer w/ SA. Typically BP and SA can be irritating when used together, this is definitely the case for me! If it's working for you great, just be aware if your skin starts to become irritated this may be the culprit. Same goes for the AHA, your are a bit early in the regimen to start using it every night in my opinion. I tried this too, because it worked so well the first few nights I wanted to use it every night, but it proved to be too much for my skin to handle. I have better luck using it once or twice a week at night in place of a moisturizer. Try spot treating the big zits you feel coming under the skin w/ the AHA at night (just a dab in the areas as a last step after moisturizing) this has worked well for me.

These are just suggestions...I know we all have different skin. If you have any questions feel free to post or PM me. Good luck...hang in there!

P.S. I agree, you have the most amazing lips!! I'm jealous.. ;)

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One more thing!

Make sure you moisturize around your eyes w/ a cream that doesn't have the SA in it because the skin around eyes is very sensitive. Dab the moisturizer around your eyes before you apply the BP to protect the area from BP getting on it.

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Thanks for the advice. It is funny, because Jojoba oil irritates my skin really bad for some reason. I still use it for lip balm every night though. On the other hand, with the SA, I have no redness at all! I would take another pic, but I left my camera at the office and keep forgetting to bring it home. I think you are right about the AHA. It works wonder but only in small doses (like you said once or twice a week). Anyway, keep in touch! Thanks again!


Thanks for the encouragement. Are you on the regimen? Is it working well for you?


So, I pulled a smooth one last night... I had the freaking brilliant idea to use Seabreeze Toner that's like a year old between washing and BP. I woke up with crusty patches all over my cheeks and Crisco forehead. Thank goodness no redness though. Only one new zit too! After I did the regimen right this morning, skin went back to normal.

I actually got up the nerve to go shopping today and had fun!! I looked in the dressing room mirror and didn't feel 100% disgusted (only 78.58968%)... jk.. Alright more later and I will post more pics soon.

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