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Please help, i am so lost and confused, and sick of scars!

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I am planning to get 10-12 microdermabrasions done, will it help at all (for the shallower scars)?

I have been reading all these boards and every treatment has so many bad reviews that i feel microdermabrasion is the safest...

what treatment should i consider for my scars?

I am currently looking for a new derm, as my old one does not even look at my face and just decides what will make him the most money

thanks in advance





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Have you tried doing anything on your own to see if you can lesson them? Over time you might be able to make some progress. I personally believe the slow steady approach is better than trying to nail it all in one procedure, but that's just me.

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You have some boxcar scars but it isn't that bad. I don't think microdermabrasion will do much but everybody's skin will react differently. Personally I would look into subcision and maybe a laser along with that if you have the money. Good luck.

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I honestly recommend having your skin needled with a tattoo gun.

See if you can find a permanent cosmetician who has performed needling on scars before.

It is the only thing that has shown any improvement on my skin so far.

I have had:

12 Fraxel Re:Stores (on the highest settings)

a TCA CROSS life ruining treatment (performed by a doctor)

1 Fraxel Re:Pair (on the highest settings)

(It is also the cheapest and least risky out of the other procedures I have done... as if I didn't already have enough regrets.)

This link may help you as it helped me find the two people who needled my skin:


I believe you mentioned Accutane in another post and I want you to know you must wait a year for most scar treatments.... many people say it is only six months for needling... but I would wait it out.

You might want to check out some information on skin rollers. It is also called "needling" and works in the same way tattoo gun needling does at a far lesser extent. This is something you would be able to do at home.

I truly wish you the best. Take care.

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Like the previous poster, allis said... tca cross is a life ruining procedure.

stay away from it. I'm not convinced the benefits outway the dangers.

good luck

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