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Acne Comes Back After 7 Months

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Its been 7 months now after I took Accutane and for those 7 months I have been experiencing very minor breakouts until now.

Right now, my face is like covered with +20 pimples and I have no clue what to do.

Should I go back on Accutane? Because other medications don't even work on me and my course of Accutance didn't work very well the first time, so should I go a 2nd time on it?

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I had the same problem. For the first few months after my first course of Accutane, my face was clear and my acne was manageable. But as time went on, my acne breakouts began to get worse and I was nearly back to the point where I was back at the place I started.

My dermatologist began suggesting several other treatments before we started a second course of Accutane.

First, he suggested using Doxycycline (antibiotic). When that didn't seem to be working, he suggested using Epiduo gel along with the Doxycycline. It looked like my battle with acne was over but sadly, my severe acne won over that combination.

And that's when he knew there was nothing else that could help except for a second course of Accutane. And I'm currently in month three of my treatment. The only thing I have to deal with right now is the minor side effects but nothing I can't handle.

My thoughts are: What if after my second treatment of Accutane that my skin breaks out again and nothing can solve it? :/

Good luck!!!

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That's the problem with acne medications (topical or oral), once you stopped, the acne would comeback.

I am only using benzoyl peroxide bar soap right now and it keeps my acne under control.

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