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Hey been awhile

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Hey all,

Ive been away for ages, still struggling with acne. Took accutane awhile ago and cleared me but then breakouts kept coming. Have recently been trying a natural regimen using teatree oil too which made my skin clear but all of sudden I have two big inflamed sore spots.

Question is really I normally get them on my forehead, I did use the regimen ages ago but didnt really stick to it. Does the regimen help red inflamed spots (that rarely come to a head that can be squeezed), that is the question as there the only type of spot I get and they do swell up and scar. Can dans regimen help me?, or will the bp stop the healing?, please help at my wits end lol

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The Regimen works against blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, scars, inflamed cysts and all other forms of effects the P.acnes bacteria may cause.

Kill the bacteria, removing the source of the problems. And the skin will heal itself slowly over time. It takes several months for BP to do its magic on your skin.

Too many people lack the discipline, because they want results now, immediately, and not months from now. And when results don't come or are not satisfactionary, they hop from treatment to treatment, keeping a lot of dermatologists happy and many medicine companies' purses full.

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Very nicely put there mate, thank you. I have a question now about the products but I will put them in the required section on the forum :)

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I agree. The Regimen works well for most cases of acne when it's followed precisely as Dan suggests. I definitely think it's worth a try.

And welcome back! :)

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