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Beginning accutane!!!

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Hi to anyone who is reading this!

I just joined this forum because I am starting accutane in 6 days, and was reading a lot of the reviews and accutane journals on this site. hopefully i'll make one too because i have a feeling i'm really gonna need some support, and everyone in my life has flawless skin so they just don't understand. I'm a 20 year old female with mild-moderate acne, and am starting to get some scarring on my cheeks so I figure I'll chance it. I always wear makeup, and although people say they don't notice, I always feel uncomfortable and feel like the makeup doesn't really cover it. also, i'm SICK of waking up and having to slather makeup on, while all my friends go makeup free and have flawless skin. I am so looking forward to the day when I can roll out of bed fifteen minutes before class instead of getting up an hour before and spending the time worrying about my face. Its really causing problems in my life because I don't want people to get up close to me, and also I have no interest in dating anymore because I'm so insecure about my skin. I don't even feel comfortable going to the gym, since I feel like my makeup runs and I hate the florescent lights. I worry about my skin so much that I feel its distracting me from my schoolwork, and I really wish I could stop worrying about my skin and concentrate on my life. At this point, I feel like all I want to do is stay alone in a dark room with no one looking at my face, and this is just not acceptable!

I've tried everything in the past, the usual salicylic/ benzoyl washes and lotions (which just dried out and irritated my skin), antibiotic creams, and antibiotics (minocyclin and doxycycline) which didn't really help and upset my stomach. Also, I went on YAZ BC pills for six months last year, which caused me to go from 105 to 120 pounds (at 5'1 that was a real shocker, especially since I ate salads and worked out everyday. Also it didn't really help my skin.) What did help was giving up sugar and refined carbs, but anytime I slip up at all, I get bad breakouts, and its just way too much pressure. Also, it made me develop some eating disorder problems, since I was so fanatical about what I ate.

This is really not the ideal time to be starting accutane since I just started an intense semester, and if I get an initial breakout, I can't hide out by myself, but have to go to my internship and class all the time. I'm really worried, but also hopeful since I have big summer plans, and am just hoping I will be clear by then!

anyway, thats pretty much it. sorry if i rambled on a lot. not sure if anyone's reading this, but thanks for reading if anyone did, and if anyone else is starting accutane too and wants someone to commiserate with, I'm your girl! :)

Hey girl, Good luck to you!

I know exactly how you feel when you want to hide from the world and to be closed in a dark room and never get out. I'm 20 years old too and I will start my second semester in a week and I'm really afraid that I will have a horrible face that I would want to die... I began with Accutane 10 days ago, 30 mg...

Keep with the updates :)

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Good luck with your course! We seem to have a lot in common; reading this was kind of like reading my life story. We're even the same height! I'm only on day three, so I can't really offer any advice, but I can offer support.

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Hey!!! I read your post and you sound a lot like me in a number of areas (except scool) I just started my Accutane treatment today!!!!! My derm put me on a 40mg dose for 5 months!!! I am 27 years old, and have been acne issues for a long time!! Not cystic acne, but enough to drive you nuts :) I am getting married in July and want to be acne free for my wedding!!!!

Best of luck to you!!!! Apparently this stuff does wonders! :)

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I am only week 5, but do have cystic AND very persistent acne. Hopefully to ease minds, my IB wouldn't even qualify as an IB. I've had regular breakouts worse than it was. I did break out, but it was not awful and cleared VERY quickly. I am older and have NEVER left my house without makeup (even to the gym) for my entire adult life. At week 5 I no longer feel that way. I'm not completely clear, but already am responding VERY positively. I was bumped up in dose last week from 40-60 and so far..............fine. So don't panic, it may not be bad, mine wasn't. I am having the typical side effects (bad dry lips, mildly dry skin, hair, tiredness), but all are tolerable.

Good luck to everyone, we're all in the same boat!

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good luck. I'm not sure there is anyway to predict how you'll react. I started in pretty good shape. Was still on antibiotics and using Retin-A, actually upped my antibiotic dose for that month between 1st and 2nd pregnancy tests. That may have helped. I am not sure. Just glad it wasn't awful, I've had enough awful. Hang in there, it's all going to be worth it.................

I started at 40 and did fine

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Hey Sveta!

Thanks for the reply. :) So we're pretty much in the same boat then. I'm sorry you're having to go through this too, but I'm glad to find someone else who understands what i'm going through (if that makes sense!)

seems to me like the main challenge will be being patient if there is an initial breakout (which I'm expecting, but hoping will go away quickly and not be too bad) and forgetting about the acne enough to get through this semester. because college is hard enough without acne.

Hopefully the accutane will work for both of us, and we can enjoy life like 20 year olds should!

Hows the accutane going so far, and what is helping you deal with it? (i've bought aquaphor, emu oil, and bunches of chapstick to start, i'll let you know how they work out.)

keep me posted!! :)


Hey, I will be glad to share my expirience with you and vice versa ;)

So I'm on day 13, and I have such a good mood, I actually can't believe it. My skin starts to peel a bit and my lips are dry but thats about it. I also dread the famous initial breakout and pray that it will pass quicklu.

Actually, I have no idea what emu oil is, since I live in Israel and it's quite different here, though I bought a good lip moisturizer of Clinique and Neutrogena. I use Biotherm moisturizing cream for my skin for now and everything is good :)

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i just started taking accutane too. took my first pill on wednesday. cant wait for my skin to start getting clear. hope it works out for both of us :dance:

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