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what is going on??

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my skin was clear untill i turnd 19, im almost 20 now. i seem to break out lightly around my period and my derm perscribed benzaclin and iv been on it sence dec of last year. it dosent realy seem to do anything for me. right now though my skin is going crazy im getting white heads around my mouth and i have some under the skin forming right near my nose, both sides. and some tiny white heads on my forhead. i dont know whats going on, i havnt changed anything. the only thing diffrent is my fiance is in marine boot camp so im kind of stressed trying to get the wedding ready and everything, and i cant find a job. i want to go to my derm and see about azelaic acid but i dont know what to do or if its getting worse, it seems like it. im scared! :(

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Awww, I bet it's the stress. I always breakout a bit more when stuff is going on. Azelaic Acid is really great stuff so give it a shot if you can!

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If it's mild, it was probably caused by stress. Also, if it's just around your period, I've heard birth control might help, but I wouldn't reccommend it.

ok thats good im kinda freaking out. i realy hope it is just stress. yeah i have to but that scares me. im afraid it will do more bad then good.

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