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Treatment without using the moisturizer

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Moisturizing is an important step in The Regimen. BP is a drying agent. Moisturizing helps to counteract that and to balance the skin.

From the Biggest Mistakes page:

Removing Regimen steps: The Regimen works as outlined, so it is important that you not skip any of the steps. Cleanse, apply BP and moisturize twice daily, every day.
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Sometimes, i at night, i won't apply moisturizer. but during the day, when i socialize, the movement of jaw/mouth muscles will stretch the skin, and if your skin is too dry, you will flake.

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I don't see why you wouldn't moisturize unless you want dry/flaky skin..?

My face doesn't feel dry or flake if I don't use moisturizer. It actually feels more refreshing if I only use the BP. But doesn't matter, Im going to continue using the moisturizer anyways.

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That was a mistake I made when I first tried my own modified version of the regimen. I made a mistake listening to my dermtologists assistant who said that I should not moisturize while on Bp because it lessens the effects of the BP. Big mistake! It worked okay for a while, but then I had parts of my face that were breaking out badly because it got too dry. So me thinkin that it was the BP making me break out almost 3 months into it, quit. USE moisturiser always, even if you think your skin doesn't need it, it does.

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My 3 cents;

The regimen has steps, and until you know how the regimen effects you, its worth sticking with the regimen.

I go back and watch the videos from time to time just to make sure I'm doing it the right way. Like my dad used to tell me, do it right or don't do it at all.

(But, its more like, try the full regimen first before experimenting?)

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Please moisturize.

I had thought the same thing on my first try, thinking my skin was already oily it didn't need moisturizing. But it does, using the BP dried my skin and made me flake. And I might get premature lines if I don't.

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I agree -- I used moisturizer at night and during the day when I first started, then stopped using it at night...that was a mistake - I got almost like a sunburn from the BP and would break out in small spots during the day because my face was so irritated overnight.

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