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Psychological Effects of Acne

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I, like many fellow acne sufferers have lost a lot of confidence due to this condition.

This world in general is a superficial world. We pick up a magazine or turn on the tv and we see advertisements that show "beautiful" people. And we as the consumers buy into this shit, we think we need to look like them, and we basically kill ourselves obsessing about being "beautiful" or "handsome" that society claims we must look like.

It's almost crazy how easy we are manipulated. I really admire those DOVE commercials that promote inner beauty. People should be able to feel comfortable in their body, and not feel forced to change because of what society believes.

Sometimes I feel instead of taking the easy route out by taking medication, why don't we first try to change ourselves mentally about how we view ourselves.

Furthermore this is because it may start with something as innocent as being self conscious with acne, to other body parts. And contrary to many peoples opinions, people with acne can have a lot of friends, have a gf/bf, play sports, etc.

If you have a really good personality, a lot of people will forget the fact that you have acne. But when you shy away and hide in the corner, you make yourself more susceptible to being noticed as the "kid with acne." And especially if you're in the middle school and high school age, if kids know acne bothers you, they're going to use it to make fun of you even more.

So how about we try and change ourselves mentally along with medically if it is necessary.

Idk this is my 2 cents on this issue.

P.S. I'm not saying I don't do these either, I do and am working on trying to change.

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