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Things that worked for me

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Hey guys,

I've received a few messages from people wondering what I did about my accutane side effects. These suggestions are things that personally worked for me with the particular side effect.

Hair loss:

Collagen (Type 1 & 3)

MSM with Silica

Hyaluronic Acid


I started with MSM with Silica and I found that it made my hair grow faster but not exactly thicker. After taking Collagen, my hair was restored to even better than before. I started taking L-Cysteine but I can't tell if it improved my hair at all. I strongly recommend Collagen.


Jojoba Oil (topically)

Flaxseed Oil

Vitamin E

Water, water, water..

I used Jojoba oil for my body, not my face since my face breaks out from Jojoba for some reason. I love to apply Vitamin E oil on to my face and to take it as a supplement. As an alternative for fish oil, I take flaxseed oil. Some people recommend ground flaxseed because flaxseed oil breaks them out but I found ground flaxseed harder to find, slightly more pricey and not any more effective. I focused on increasing my Omega-3 intake since it apparently helps with dryness. For dry noses, I dropped a bit of vitamin E into my nose while tilting my head. For dry eyes, I found that humidifying the air in my house helped. Artificial tears are just too much trouble for me and some of them have some scary ingredients. The one thing that helped alot was of course, lots of water.

Dry lips (which I still have):

Castor oil

Olive oil


After reading some recommendations on here, I bought ChapSaver and I found it expensive and disappointing.. it wasn't any better than a regular chapstick. I found apply castor oil to be highly effective at keeping my lips moist. A regular chapstick should be fine, as long as it isn't waxy. I look for ingredients such as beeswax and I avoid all chapsticks with ingredients such as petroleum since I find that it leaves a waxy film.

Digestion issues:

Higher fiber intake

Alkaline diet

Sugarless diet

An alkaline sugar-free diet that's high in fiber seemed to have really helped with any digestive issues I had after taking accutane. I tried exercising more frequently but I found that it only hurt my body and caused more injuries. Apparently Accutane can cause a delay in recovery so I avoided intense workouts.

Hope this helps!

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Collagen (Type 1 & 3)


May I ask where you purchased these? I'm also looking to purchase Hyaluronic Acid and don't know where to turn, could you perhaps give me a reputable site?

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