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I'm stopping the Regimen

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I'm a University student and I need find more time in my mornings and evenings, so I'm forced to stop using the regimen (among other things, but that has nothing to do with acne). I'm just wondering--my acne has a 'medium' severity--will I look back a few years and regret it? I'm good at not picking my pimples and such, but will simply having the acne occur damage my skin?

Also, this is kind of a side question; I'm researching dietary means of fighting acne, does anyone have any tips in that department?

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There are many different "diet" camps out there.

The best most general advice I can offer :

- little to no processed food

- eat fish. ahi, salmon, tuna, mackerel, etc.

- less spices, the better. cook simple.

- if you like milk, switch to raw milk. otherwise, cut it all out.

- vegetables are good...

- get good animal protein from grass-fed or organic providers.

- less preservatives

- eat whole grain, less refined bread product

What you want to do is eat foods that your body can break down and use. You don't want to consume food that digests into a substance that will cause more complications.

Also, don't stop the regimen... You can multi-task... give it a shot...

Do not shower in extremely hot water, or hot water in general. Use water that is just above warm.

30 seconds - wash face (splash on water gently, wash the face for 10, splash water on again and get all cleanser off). Use medium temp water, not too hot, not too cold, but more towards cold rather than hot.

30 seconds - dry off gently by patting.

(for 5 minutes put on your clothes)

30 seconds - wash hands and dry off

1 minute - apply BP

(for 5 minutes get your things ready)

30 seconds - wash hands and dry off

1 minute - apply moisturizer...

I think you will regret not treating your acne, but if it doesn't bother you...

Getting exercise is also quite important.

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Rigid dietary restrictions can often be a bigger inconvenience than a daily skincare regimen. Just something to think about.

Here's more diet info from Dan. http://www.acne.org/diet-and-acne.html

Lots of busy people do the Regimen and find it worthwhile if it has been working for them. The Regimen shouldnt' take but maybe 15 -20 mins or so. Has it been working for you at all? Do you work it into your normal daily routine? I've found if you make it part of your usual routine instead of thinking of it as an "add on" it doesn't have to inconvenience you much at all. I'm guessing you would wash your face anyway each morning and evening, so there's no extra time added there. While you are waiting for your face to dry before applying the bp, do things you normally would do rather than sit around waiting. Get dressed, fix breakfast, pack your stuff for the day, etc. After you apply your bp, brush your teeth, get dressed, get your shoes on, etc. Then apply the moisturizer and head out the door.

Besides, I've found it much better to spend the time preventing acne with the Regimen than spending time trying to deal with and hide breakouts.

The choice is yours, of course, but your acne is likely to return to the way it was before you began treating it. If you are fine with that, then it's all good. If not, you may want to reconsider stopping. It all depends on how much your acne bothers you. If your acne doesn't bother you as much as this twice daily skincare routine, then I can see how you might want to give it up.

Good luck with your decision.

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I too hate how long it takes to do the regimen everyday. It's a catch 22, the clearer my skin is and the happier I feel, the more I want to live my life. When I have horrible skin that makes me feel depressed, I don't wanna do anything and have loads of free time!

Honestly, I prefer to have to squeeze it in and feel good about myself.

Oh and regarding the whole diet thing, unless you have mild acne, be prepared to go down a LONNNGGGG road of self discovery. Diet alone doesn't usually cure it if it's stubborn acne, I went down that path and wish you luck with it. Personally it got me nowhere, and I spent a good 4 years of living only to find a natural cure, what a waste of the prime of my life! Live for the present is all I can say, do what it takes to be happy. I wish you the best whatever you decide to do :)

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The paleo diet didn't quite work out for Dan, but I know for a fact it has for other people. I've seen before and after pics of REAL people I've talked to who've lost 95% or more of their acne by eating this low-carb diet that humans ate for two million years before agriculture. You could always give it a try. I suggest sticking to it hardcore for a few months before saying it doesn't work. If you do clear up you can then try adding in foods and see how your skin reacts.

Here's some info:




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