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Ive started thinking that I might have a case of hyperthyroidism, these are my symptoms let me know what you reckon

- Heat intolerance - I feel most comfortable in a cold environment whilst everyone around me is shivering their asses off, and when it gets hot I feel the heat really really quickly. I pretty much cant function in a really hot environment.

- Used to have really oily skin before I went on accutane

- Have had sleeping problems for the past 3 or 4 years (coinciding with the time my acne started getting bad). Very messed up sleeping pattern, alot of nights I cant get to sleep as my mind doesnt shut off.

- Trouble gaining weight - Ive always had a fairly hard time gaining weight, I seem to maintain a certain weight. I do eat quite alot aswell.

Anyway how much can a hyperactive thyroid gland affect acne? Im thinkinh that my acne is caused by a many number of things and hyperthyroidism might just be one of them?

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I thought I had hypothyroidism too. I am now thinking it could be the possibility of a gluten sensitivity (latent celiac disease) because it has most of the same symptoms. I just read that 30-40% of the US population supposedly is gluten sensitive making it the most common genetic disease.

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HypERthyroidism and HypOthyroidism are different, Dotty. Hyperthyroidism basically implies too high of a metabolism. Hypothyroidism implies too slow of metabolism.

I think your hyperthyroidism may play a part. You could get it checked with your doctor to see if you have it. Just go to google and type in "hyperthyroidism acne". You'll get a ton of hits.

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Oops, I read the word he wrote wrong. I was up too late studying. Sorry!!

But I have also read that in a few cases hyperthyroidism improved on a gluten-free diet.

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yup, huge correlation.

Look up hyperthyroidism TCM. Which is traditional chinese medicine. They consider it being caused by too much heat in the body.

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Cheers for the replies all, Ive long suspected that my acne has been thyroid related but havent really looked into it properly, going to do some research now.

EDIT: I think I really fit the bill when it comes to symptoms, ultra fast metabolism all my life, sleeping problems since getting severe acne (although that could have also been due with the mental issues caused by acne).

But the one that really stands out for me is the heat intolerance, Im truly a freak when it comes to heat, and this has convinced me that I have hyperthyroidism

EDIT 2: Oh yeah also, I dont really get acne on my body at all, its only on my face, is there any patterns with acne associated with the thyroid?

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Thats really interesting JoeBloggs. I have a long history of thyroid problems in my family and have been checked twice- once when I was about 9 and once when I was 19. Both times I was in the clear.

I share the same symptoms:

- Heat: I much prefer to be cold than hot. Summer is a nightmare for me, especially as they seem to be getting hotter every year. I get very uncomfortable when im in the heat for too long. I have my window open in my bedroom day and night all year round too and people are always saying that its cold while im quite happy!

- Sleeping problems: this has only really become a real issue over the last few months. I find it very hard to rest my mind. I dream A LOT and often wake up more tired than when I went to sleep. The only time I sleep well is when I nap during the day or when ive had alcohol.

- Weight gain: I eat and eat and eat and I never put on weight. Some people would say that im ungrateful but ive been in the region of 10- 10.5st for about 6-7 years now and id love to have just a bit more to me. I know that my metabolism is very high too.

- Acne: while I dont have acne right now I have had it 4 times in my life, from severe to mild-moderate. Maybe its linked for me too?

I'm going to look a bit more into this and have a chat with my family that suffer from thyroid problems. Maybe even time for me to see the Doc and get another test done!

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I've never thought about having hyperthyroidism, but I fit every single one of these symptoms. I especially fit the sleep deprivation thing. I have had insomnia for years, can't settle my mind. I also can't gain weight. The only thing thats iffy is my body is not uncomfortable when i am in a hot environment, only my face turns blood red and all the heat seems to center on my face and ears. How would you know if you have hyperthyroidism without going to a doctor?

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If any of you guys get blood work to screen for ANY thyroid issue (hypo or hyper), please be aware that most labs use "normal" parameters of 0.5-5.0 on their thyroid function tests (TSH), but this isn't the parameters that most endocrinologists use. Usually, they follow 0.3-3.0 guidelines.

First, at the time of the lab work, request a copy to be sent/mailed to your home address. The requisition should have a spot to indicate that.

If the TSH is below 0.4 or over 3.0 (or even close to it), consider getting a endo consult.

OH - and BTW - I haven't researched this yet on my own, but just last week I was told that moles/freckles that lose their pigmentation from the center out may be indicative of *hyper* thyroidism. Don't take that as gospel, but I found it interesting.

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Christof - Not sure about my family and thyroid problems, I dont think they have, at least none that I know of.

Yeah our symptoms sound about right, I also hover around the 10 - 10.5 stone mark, but thats kind of a good thing for me as its a good weight for my sport.

Bennyb - I think one way to test is to look upwards and take a big gulp of water and feel your neck to see if your thyroid glands are swollen or protruding. Not sure how accurate this is though, I tried it earlier but I cant really feel anything out of the ordinary.

cecelia - cheers I'll keep that in mind, im going to book an appointment sometime next week. Shall I just ask for a thyroid test? Will I have to ask what to specifically test for or do they usually just test you without much questioning?

Also on a related note apparantly one symptom of hyperthyroidism is feeling uncomfortable when wearing a scarf or an item of clothing that is against the neck. I have this, everytime I put on a scarf or maybe a shirt with the collar up, I feel like im kind of choking. Even if a T shirt is riding up too close to my neck it feels really uncomfortable.

Lastly Ive been reading a couple of threads saying that accutane might have a connection with thyroid diseases, any truth in this? Ive been on a couple of courses, most of which were long term low dose.

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