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instant breakfast drinks vs. acne

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I'm sure SOMEBODY on here is in the same boat I am.

I had very little to no acne while in high school. The occassional zit or two while on my period but other that that, pretty good skin. I started getting more cluster like (but still not very much of) pimples this past October. They occur on my lower cheek, jawline, chin, underneath my chin, and sometimes close to my sideburn/ear area.

I went to my doctor to get a referral for a dermatologist. He said I didn't need one and he could prescribe the same thing that the dermatologist would. So since mid January, I have been washing my face in the morning and at night with a prescription benzoyl peroxide 5% wash. I was also prescribed Clindimycin (can't remember the spelling) gel for on the spot treatment which is 2% I believe. I always feel like the BP wash is helping but the gel isn't. The pharmacist said to use it very sparingly because a little goes a long way. I still use the gel. Not daily. Instead I'm using Clean & Clear's BP 10% cream over most of my face.

I've noticed that all the BP wash and medication is really drying out the skin underneath my eyes and my eyelids. I try not to get the BP wash there but when I rinse my face it will obviously come into contact with those areas. So a side question is, does anyone know of an eye cream (helps with wrinkles, dark circles, dry skin) for that sensitive area? I tried Clinique all about eyes rich but it burned and caused redness on my lids.

My main concern is, now I'm not 100% positive on this, but I believe started drinking Carnation Instant Breakfast (chocolate flavor) around the time my acne started. I read up on adult acne and I guess once you pass puberty and are into your 20s you start producing a specific hormone (i forget the name) that can cause breakouts around the lower half of your face. My mother also said she didn't start getting zits til she was in her 20s (hereditary for me then?). But also with her, she starting having kids when she was 21. I'm 22 and don't plan on having kids. So her hormone's were probably at a different level then mine.

So anyways, back to the instant breakfast stuff. I started drinking it because I never eat breakfast but start to get hungry around 10 or 11. I didn't want to eat lunch that early so I figured it's a good source of protein, etc in the morning and only 220 calories (with nonfat milk). Plus I love chocolate, so the flavor helps. Also when I started breaking out little by little during October, I was also starting a relationship with a guy at the time. Didn't last long. We were over by the end of the month. I thought maybe the stress of the relationship was affecting my skin. Then the zits have continued basically non stop. It's getting me really down in the dumps.

I was wondering if anyone has heard of or gotten acne from drinking any sort of instant breakfast meal. I am going to stop drinking it for a few weeks along with eating as little or no dairy at all and see if that's the problem.

If anyone has any comments, related stories, or suggestions I'd really appreciate your help. Thanks.

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Yes, whether or not the milk and drink mix are the whole problem, they aren't good for a number of reasons. Blood sugar spikes, dairy allergy, lactose intolerance...

Try making green smoothies for breakfast. You can add yogurt for your protein but if it doesn't get better, try avoiding all dairy for a period to test your intolerance. And make it plain, whole, live cultured yogurt. Non nonfat sugary flavored yogurt.

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thank you so much for your input. what i didn't mention in my post is that i'm an avid milk drinker. i've been drinking milk since i can remember and still, as a 22 yr old, have a glass at dinner almost every night. so i wasn't inferring that my problem was the milk, but perhaps the powder mix itself. as you mentioned, there is a ton of sugar along with other addiditves. i'm just going to avoid dairy as well. i read on one of these boards that there was a study saying that dairy products such as milk, cottage cheese, and cream cheese have been linked to acne. so even though i've been drinking milk all of my life and can't picture a dinner without a glass, i'll refrain from it because i'd rather have good skin. hopefully this works.

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Those instant breakfast drinks are loaded with sugar or artificial sweetners. I agree that you should try green smoothies or make your own chocolate milk.

Here's my recipe:

Pour a little unsweetened almond milk into a water bottle. Add some unsweetened cocoa powder and stevia. Shake vigorously. Add a little coconut milk and shake again. Top off with more almond milk and shake again.

Green smoothie recipe:

small handful of fresh or frozen berries (I like blueberry and strawberry)


2 handfuls of spinach or any leafy green

1 TBSP raw almond butter

2 TBSP coconut milk

1 TBSP cocoa powder

1 packet of stevia if desired

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