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The best way to apply foundation?

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It seem like regardless of the type of foundation I use, mineral power, cream, or liquid, I still end up with the same effect - dry lines enhanced and very visible looking makeup that doesn't look blended in or natural. I've tried using different brushes and sponges as well as my fingers but I still get the same result. Is there anything else I can do or use?

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I have the same problem.

I have heard a few times that although mineral powder is GOOD for your face, it rarely looks GOOD on people with acne.

What I use is Cover Girl True Blend liquid makeup. Thsi works well for me.

I put it on with my fingers the same way I put on my moisturizer, making it rubbed into my skin very well.

I haven't found the perfect powder yet...

But hopefully you might find this suggestion helpful!


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As Lyssa suggested, make suer you apply a moisturizer under your skin. This should help reduce the dryness and help fill in the lines. Also try using makep geared more towards dry skin, since it should be better for type of situation. Another thing to try is using a makeup primer, which can help prevent foundation from settling into lines and pores. Other than that, have you tried using a tinted moisturizer? A tinted moistturizer is less heavy than foundation, but doesn't have the same amount of coverage. This is all advice I know for your dilema.

Hope this helps! :)

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I start off by using moisturizer and then a silicone mattifier to help smooth out my skin and even out my pores. After that, I go over some of my red marks and such with a green concealer stick and try to blend it in as well as possible. I then use Dermalogica's Treatment Foundation. I like it because it's rather light and not a thick cream. I put some foundation on the back of my hand and then use a rather small sized brush to lightly cover up the green and red marks from my blemishes until I have a normal skin color. After that, I set it with a clear powder and then go back over it with a foundation powder.

Really I just try to never apply foundation with my fingers or it looks too cakey. I also try to focus on just putting makeup where I need it and that's it.

You can check my Accutane Log for photos of before and after pictures. I have some in my recent posts. :)

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I have tried a tinted moisturizer and while it does look natural it doesn't give me the coverage I need.

I have been experimenting with different primers too but I still have not found one that is m hg.

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Well there are some other things that come into my mind for this situation. Make sure you exfoliate your skin, at least once to twice a week. Another way that could help you is to mix your moisturizer with your foundation. It will thin out the foundation and be less "cakey" on your skin (better results if you also use a primer). However, it will give you less coverage, so you might have to layer it. I probably said this already, but stick with a foundation that is creamy. Maybe tried Maybelline Instant Age rewind foundation? It's just a suggestion.

But it sounds like your like me though. I can't use powder foundations, becase it cakes all over my face and enhances all my dry spots (even with a primer!). Then I'm "iffy" with liquid foundations, since most of them are difficult to apply (especially Revlon colorstay). I use a damp sponge, since i don't really know how to use a foundation brush, so I guess this is why. I've yet to use a cream foundation, so I don't have anything againist that...yet. But I guess somedays I have good makeup days, and somedays I have bad. :/

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