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Hypothyroidism and acne

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I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism over 2 years ago and have been on a thyroid medication trying to balance everything out. The long list of symptoms have been awful...including hair loss, weight gain, facial hair growth, and of course acne. The last year has been extremely difficult with the acne. I get daily breakouts of whiteheads and cystic acne all over my chin, near my lips, jawline,and now on my neck. My doc prescribed spiro which I have been on since January. I really have not noticed a huge difference except for my skin being less oily. I am currently on 50 mg. I am thinking of raising it to 75 mg.

I did a saliva test for my adrenals and that came back fine. I also had a blood test for my hormones that came back ok too, although I question the accuracy because I don't feel fine! I am thinking about going to the gynco to get tested for PCOS next.

Does anyone else deal with these problems? Is there anything else I should look into, be it meds, vitamins, prescriptions, etc..?? I just feel so hopeless now.

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I think the combination of the thyroid medication and spiro should do the trick. The oil will reduce fairly quickly, but the acne may start to clear much later (3, 4-6 months). I know that sucks about spiro, but stick with it. Did the thyroid med clear you at all?

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Not really. I am still trying to find the right dose of thyroid med. It is a very long process.

I may increase the spiro to 75 mg as I am currently on 50 mg and not seeing much difference.

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Aww. I've been on spiro for 4 months now (100 mg) and I'm just starting to see results. It may take you this long, or it may take 1 month. You never know with spiro. I hope this becomes your miracle drug... Good luck.

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just curious about the hypothyroidism.....i feel as though i have every symptom and i'm awaiting the results of the blood work as we speak. I'm very interested in the spironolactone as i'm not having good results with the doxy im on. I;m wondering what your symptoms were and what type of skin you have. i have a ton of whiteheads and blackheads but no real pimples. i can seem to control my sebum output. im desperate to change this...thanks

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At this point I don't know if it is hypo, PCOS or both! The symptoms suck. I've experiences hair loss, dry hair, dry and wrinkled skin which makes it nearly impossible to wear makeup, weight gain, cold hands and feet, jumpy feeling, fatigue, memory problems, acne, facial hair growth, and so many other symptoms that it is just miserable. :wacko:

I have an appointment with a new gyno next month so hopefully she can help me understand all of this crap.

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