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Did anyone CLEAR experience on the regimen

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Well did anyone who is now clear/mostly clear experience an initial steady clearing, followed by a breakout and then more clearing?

How many of these breakouts did you get?

So far I've gotten almost clear (like a few zits left) then had a breakout. Now I'm clearing up again. This is in the space of a few weeks.

The first 2 weeks I cleared steadily. At about 2 weeks and 3 days I got a breakout which has lasted a week, and now I am clearing again. So I'm in my fourth week of the regimen now and I'm starting to really clear up again. I don't know how long it will last.

So is this fairly normal?

How long did it take to get clear?

Should I experience another breakout (touch wood)?

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As soon as I got Dan's BP Gel and started using it steadily every day. I have been 99% clear. I don't think break outs such as you describe are normal but I wouldn't be too worried - just keep on using the BP.

Most people just see a gradual decline in their acne from the time that they start regimen.

Remember that when untreated, you acne can go through good and bad patches. So it is quite likely that the bad patch you went through would have been much worse if you weren't on the regimen.

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i, too, have been about 99% clear since starting the regimen. (Ignore next comment if not a girl). However, as a female, I do get a few breakouts right before my monthly visitor, which bp cannot seem to curb. It's not bad at all, but are consistent with my cycle. <_<

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Yeah, that's totally normal, don't worry. The exact thing happened to me, now I'm just maintaining the clearness and trying to get rid of red marks.

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Thats good to hear Liv smile.gif

How many of these breakouts did you get? was it just the one?

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Umm..well because I'm female, and I get that time of the month, I get mini break outs during that time, because of hormonal fluctuations. But other than that, I've not had any bad break outs for a few weeks.

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