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I HATE going through fluctuations of feeling extremely attractive, then being torn down to the fiery depths of a living hell known as a breakout.

I haven't posted here in a while, but if anyone remembers me, they;d know that I started off college crying every day because of my severely sun damaged skin which was starting to scar whereas it never scarred before. After being on copper peptides for a few months, my skin got some of its resilience back and I was finally comfortable with the way I looked again. I even stopped wearing makeup which was totally new for me, I had worn foundation every single day for the 4 years of my high school career. It was very liberating and during winter break I was able to party with a carefree sort of attitude which I was never able to have.

I returned to the 2nd semester of college with a newfound energy. But like a week after coming back, I started getting breakouts where I haven't had pimples for years. I hadn't had forehead zits since middle school, and they were appearing full force now. At the moment there is not one square inch of smoothness on my face, it;s not really the inflammatory type of acne, but rather small bumps absolutely EVERYWHERE. I do have a few of the inflammatory type though, here and there. I look like an absolute freak.

I DID stop antibiotics, but that was because I did not plan to be on antibiotics long term. I was only on it for a couple of months and it wasn't making much of a difference anyway, so I decided to stop. That could be the cause. If it is, how long do you figure it will take for me to bounce back?

Also, I'm afraid of the small, bumpy-type zits leaving scars everywhere. In your experience do those types of pimples leave scars? If they do I'm fucked.

And this could be a totally paranoid thing, but I did get my nose pierced about a month ago also. Could that be introducing bacteria into my face? If there is even the slightest correlation, I will take that nose ring out with no hesitation. But I need an answer from someone who knows what they're talking about lol.

UGH I am missing class today for the first time due to my skin. I did make it to 3 out of 4 classes today but by the end I just wanted to hole up in my room and hide.


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As long as you're keeping the piercing clean (septum piercings can take 6-8 weeks to heal, and nostril piercings can take 9-12 weeks), I don't think that your piercing should have any effect on your acne.

Have you tried Salicylic Acid? It can help with non-inflamed acne.

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I do use salicylic acid..the copper peptide kit came with a 10% lacsal serum.I mostly use it to spot treat, it's pretty strong

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