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I just wanted to let you all know that my skin was breaking out really bad for a long long time. I have been using black soap for a couple of months and I am noticing DRAMATIC differences. I have moderately oily skin. I was getting so tired of acne but it's almost ALL gone besides one blemish and I would be happy and fine wearing no makeup now..which before was an embarassing thing to do!

Changes I've made to change my skin around:

-Black soap everyday. If you leave in on for a couple of minutes, the pus will come out of your pimples--or it did to mine in the beginning.

-moisturize with shea butter at night

-bought this foundation called "fresh" which is very light and VERY natural at Sephora and a brush that doesn't hold bacteria.

-eating eggs. (I am vegetarian and mostly vegan, but have recently added organic eggs in for breakfast this month and it has helped a lot)

Hope that can help anyone!

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Where do you get yours? I never heard about it before, but I just read about it based on your post and it sounds great. I'm assuming you don't have any problems with it drying your skin?

Also, do you have problems with redness / red marks? If so, has it affected either?

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i remember a couple months back i was endorsing african black soap and the shea butter regiman but unfortunatly it didnt work out for me it made me break out and i just had an overall back experience with it and yes i was using the correct kind of soap and butter

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