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No more acne for me!

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I had a big problem for many years; I had and I wish it was only on my face but unfortunately I had it all over my back, my thighs, my neck and even some on my feet and in my hair!

I visited the doctors time after time, only to be given cream that never seem to work. I think overall in the last 8 years I've had about 6 months without taking any pills, cream. You have no idea how much money was spent trying to treat this damn problem, so much that my parents just stopped paying for it because they thought there was no point anymore; that I would stay like this all my life and that I just had to learn to live with bad skin.

Doctors told me I had a very *charged pituitary gland wish produced over the average limit of body oil which made my skin very oily all the time. :) Even my hands always seemed wet and this oily skin caused my skin to never be able to breath so I have insane numbers of pimples all over that varied greatly in size; from the size of a ant to the size of a large marble.

All this even effected my life; I was too scared to have a g/f thinking what she might do or say if she saw me shirtless already that my face was masked with pimples. In high school people used to call me so many different names like pizza face, explosion of blood, bloodbath, red meat; even teachers used to stare at me wile they were teaching the class.

One day I had enough and I started doing research myself. There was once a saying: everything can be cured naturally and to my surprise it was true!!! I fell on this and it changed my life. It's a book that shows you what you can mix ( foods) and put on your skin or even eat that acts as a cleanser and heals your skin and reduces body oil. They also teach you techniques and exercises that help promote your skin to heal itself. After only 10 days of doing this everyday; my pimples were 50% gone already!! Around 16 days later you could barley see any acne on my body; I had a little left on my face but it's slowly going away! This miracle changed my life you have no idea!

I now have a girlfriend ( 2months now) and the bruises on my face and back from the acne I kept poping is practically no longer visable!

I'm sorry if this was very long for you to read; it's just that I know how it feels like to have severe acne and I wanted to help others suffering from this.

I guess its true when they say " Knowledge is power"

You can get the book here ----> *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules. *

I hope it helps you and your life like it helped me

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Uh, that's great and all, but it doesn't really help us one bit. What is the book called? You didn't give us any information about the actual book. The link does not work on this forum. Thanks.

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It was removed by an admin because I don't think they want advertising on this site =P

Yes, the link was removed as it lead to an advertising site.

The OP is more than welcome to share the title of the book, though. Or, better yet, he could share some of the things he's learned from it. ; )

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Ah, now we have covert ads being posted?

This morning I received a private message today from a brand new member named MissionClearSkin who asked me to send him a list of the ten top treatments that have worked on this forum. I hadn't seen him before, noticed that he had made no posts and the way his message was worded made me think that he was not suffering with acne but someone who was going to try to sell the ideas for money.

I was wondering if others received a similar message since there was nothing personal about the message - one that could be copy and pasted and sent to anyone.

I could be wrong, but that is how I felt.

Edited by Dotty1
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This was the website --> *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules. *

- ... BTW before removing the link right away mr.admin you should check it out before because they give out 3 free ebooks and all you need to do is just register...jeez

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