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question concerning fasting

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My face usually gets better when I fast and the breakouts stop. I'm not sure what causes the breakouts in the first place. Does it mean that the breakouts are caused by the FOOD I'm eating. Or is it just my body fighting the acne more efficiently when I don't eat?

This is becoming an addiction, past two weeks I have fasted three times totaling 6 days. I'm getting smaller and still breaking out.

The food I eat is considered safe acne food, fits in the candida diet... Except for buckwheat I guess.

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I would say it's both. Not eating anything completely rules out any food that could possibly be breaking you out. On top of that, I read that your body uses alot of energy constantly digesting food, so when there is no food to digest your body can focus more on healing and other things.

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It could be that, but your body also suppresses your immune system as you fast, so you could just be hiding an overreaction. Still food seems like the #1 culprit.

Also, if you're on the candida diet it still could be insulin. If your body is in enough of a hypoglycemic state to burn protein as a major source of glucose, gluconeogenesis, protein foods can also cause an impressive spike in insulin. IMO, trick is to keep your insulin steady and low by eating low GI/GL carbs everytime you eat, especially if you eat a chunk of protein.

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Fasting helps balance you hormones, specially insulin (increases insulin sensitivity). What you can do if fasting really help is try having a small window of time to eat every day. For example, only eat from 4pm to 8 pm, fast the rest of the day. Obviously, during this small window of time, you will eat a lot more than normal to make up for the fasting, don't hold back (assuming you are eating the right foods). Give it a try and see how it goes.

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If I eat tons of food at once and then fast the rest of the day, doesn't that cause sudden "spikes"? I usually eat every 3 hours...

I could be making this up, but I think I get inflammatory after working out. Could that cause insulin spikes or...? Although, I haven't trained for two weeks I still break out, so I don't really know if it' one thing causing it. I have tried cutting out everything I eat at the moment, I have tried not to work out, only work out etc... Must be more than one factor. Or must be something entirely different at all. I suspect a tobacco allergy, since I spend a lot of time near people who smoke. I don't smoke by the way. It probably sounds ridiculous. I'm incredibly paranoid.

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It does sound kinda ridiculous ;] I mean I'm sure someone out there will say that being around smoke effects your skin, but I don't find that to be a real possibility. I mean we're on this board for a reason, we're the ones who believe that diet and what goes on inside of our body is what's causing our acne. I just don't see being around smokers making a difference, but I guess you could always find out yourself.

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