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Question for those who have had Fractional NonAblative Resurfacing Laser...

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I'm thinking about getting the Palomar Starlux Lux 1540 Fractional Laser soon. I want to get it mainly for a few huge rolling scars that I have on my chin, right below the side of my lips. My derm told me that after 5 sessions, it would look BETTER, but it might not look perfect. It would cost me over a grand, so it's a tough decision. The scars aren't that noticeable in dim lighting or at night, but outdoors when the sunlight hits my face directly it creates these huge shadows. Now I'm pretty sure after doing this treatment it will seem flawless in dim lighting, but do you think after treatments it will still be noticeable outdoors in direct mid-day sunlight?

PS. I think 5 sessions (1 a month) is the min, but is it the max? Could I just keep getting sessions til its "perfect", or does it only get so good?


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Is that $1000 for all 5 treatments? I had 4 rounds of Fraxel:restore spaced 4 weeks apart with no results, not even 1%! And the doctor at the time told me I would see 85% improvement, lol. I spent over 3000 on that shit. Totally not worth it.

Non-ablative lasers are not permanent anyway. Even if you do yield some improvement, you still have to get more lasers later to maintain your "results." And I don't think its wise to laser your skin that often.

Go for something permanent like needling, TCA CROSS, or fillers. Though, if you do choose to laser, then only target the scars on your chin. Don't bother treating full face, you'll regret it.

You should ask your derm how much improvement he thinks you will get. If he says anything more than 50%, tell him fuckoff. Even 30% improvement from a non-ablative laser is considered a dream.

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