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Has anyone else hear had a problem with plaque on there teeth? My gums have been bleeding for a while when i brushed them but i went to the dentist just before Christmas and he removed all of the plaque. I ate abit rubbish after that with stuff like sweets, chocolate etc and the plaque started to come back.

I went to my hygienist just after new year and she got rid of everything and cleaned them up. I noticed the bleeding reduced alot whilst brushing, they only ever really did it whilst flossing. But now around a month later ive noticed the plaque is starting to come back and so is the bleeding. My problem is though i havnt a clue why its coming back!! Food wise i havnt eaten bad in that month, the only bad things i would think are soda bread and i know the probiotic yoghurt drinks have abit of sugar in them, surely there not that bad though are they? Ive also been out drinking alcohol in that month once, i used to go out alot and never had this problem though. I know cider has yeast in it, if i have a candida problem would that cause a problem?

Its just annoying me because im going to have to go back to the dentist now, and even if they do remove it all agian its just going to come back as i dont know what the problem is :(

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you probably have gum disease which is causing the bleeding gums and bacteria from the plaque are also irritating the gums. i have the same problem

when you first start flossing daily your gums will bleed but as you continue they will stop bleeding. floss gently at least once a day

plaque can cause bad breath and irritate gums b/c of bacteria but it protects the teeth meaning you wont get cavity on tooth covered with plaque or hard calculus/tartar

i'm trying to figure out whats causing the plaque buildup on my teeth too...

as i switched to a more natural diet/taking supplements my plaque build up faster, i dont eat sugar or gluten

I think I've been taking too much calcium and it just ends up building plaque on my teeth?

so i'm going reduce my calcium maybe to around 400 mgs a day and see how long I can go without tons of buildup

i was taking 900-1000mgs of calcium a day with magnesium i guess the excess calcium deposited on my teeth from my saliva

my plaque was the worst near my salivary gland behind my lower front teeth

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When I go to the dentist they always remark on how I have no plaque. I have very good hygiene -- floss daily without fail. I don't know. I definitely have candida so it's not that.

I am not a big sugar eater though.

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When I was using Colgate Total, I could always feel a gritty layer of plaque on my teeth by the end of the day. Since I started using Arm & Hammer Peroxi-Care a couple months ago it's all smooth, all the time. Just sayin'.

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