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Some mental ways to cure scars

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Acnescars not only hurt in body,but also hurt in mental repeatedly .why we want to cure scars,cuz we want to change our down mood or emotion when we see our face and become more confident or attractive.but for some people who are perfectionist or didnt gain the results they want,i read some psychics books and found some mental ways to cure acnescars

1 build a positive image of yourself

Look yourself at a certain distance from mirror everyday,at this distance you look yourself rather ok or accept your skin conditon.Notice that never get closed beyond this distance to mirror,after 1 or 2 weeks you may build up a positive image of yourself ,feel more confident and nearly forget your acnescars

2 appreciate your acnescar

keep an eye for beauty in everything,including acnescar.In some way ,acnescar make a person more sexy ,tasty and has some special attraction.So build up a value in your mind that acnescar will not damage your confidence ,in return ,you may look more mature and like a person with stories

3 open your mind to social communication

you need to belive in the following thing:how other people consider you dont depend on who you are or what you look like,there re millions of handsomes or beauties who are lonely and unpopular,your image in other people's mind lies in how you behave and what your really do

anyway,after i found these,i felt better and finally found "me " back .hope it's helpful to you and make you feel better

this is maxirogerledes,thanks every one :cool:

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