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How do I get rid of uneven skin texture

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I stopped using cleansers for washing my face for about 2 weeks now, I just use water to wash my face and then I moisturise.

The red marks on my face is nearly gone and my skin feels much better and more relaxed, I don't get that much acne anymore.

But there is one problem, my skin texture is horrible, its like an orange skin. My skin doesn't look smooth when u look at it from the side, especially near sunlight, it just looks very uneven.

How do I get rid of this and smooth out my skin? I know its not acne because I hardly get any spots now but its definately the scars that have made my skin texture horrible, I used to have very smooth skin before I had acne but after I got acne I used all kinds of junk on my face, BP, Retin-a, clyndamycin, I think because of using these products for a long time it made my skin more scarred. I want my skin to return back to normal.

Anyone know of any cream of lotion for these types of scars?

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orange skin, which is usually a result of laser/deep peal treatments refers to waxy-pore like appearance of orange skin. i have no clue why your skin would look like orange skin if you never had any procedures done.

Retin-A is probably the strongest topical to help skin texture, so certainly that didn't cause it. That actually helps texture and coloring, not so much on indents.

If you want another topical try Kinerase PRO-THERAPY C8 Peptide. I purchased it for about 100 bucks with tax. I have not used it consistantly everday, so I can't say if it works or not.

I'm a strong believer that topicals are a waste of money.

So here is a top list of well ranked topicals for texture, wrinkles, coloring, etc etc:

Retin-A by prescription only

Kinerase products, in particular THE PRO THERAPY c8 peptide plus a topical PRO-THERAPY kinerase moisturizer. There is regular c8 and pro therapy, stick with the pro-therapy line

Prevage-MD.... this can be purchased on costco.com for 100 bucks. be aware there is PrevageMD then there is reduced strength prevage liscenced to Elizebeth Arden. you want prevage-MD, thats the stuff sold in dermatologist offices.

that is my reccomendation for someone who wants to try topicals for texture.

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