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Connor Cliche

Extreme Temperatures?

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So I recently went on a trip to Mexico for a week, ordering my Acne.org products about two days before I left (9 days total). I'm not too keen on paying a fortune for shipping, so I chose the First-Class USA International (11 - 21 business days) Shipping, not expecting it to be here until a few weeks/days after I got home (just now). I live in Canada, just north of Toronto (30 minute drive), and it is known that our winters can get pretty cold. So, with that being said, I don't know how many days my products have been sitting in my mailbox for, and I know for a fact that they were sitting in temperatures below 40F at some point or another. My question is; is there any lasting effects on my products? I bought a 2 OZ bottle of BP and it seems to be working fine, which also sat in colder temperatures for a few days.

I bought:

- 8 OZ bottle of BP

- Jojoba Oil

- DanielKern Moisturizer

Any lasting effect?


- Connor.

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Transient temperature extremes are okay such as occurs during shipping, but you wouldn't want to store them for weeks at a time at extreme temperatures. Just let them thaw at room temperature and give a shake before using.

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Thanks Brandy! :)

I let them thaw out in front our other gas fireplace upstairs, which was sitting at about - probably 72F, for about twenty minutes to half an hour. I then assumed to put them in my washroom in the basement under the vanity, which would be room temperature. Was that sitting in front of the fireplace for 30 minutes (max) okay for the products?


- Connor.

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