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My fish oil! HELP

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Ok so my old fish oil capsules were fine they had good ingredients but my new one ( cs the other one was gone) has triglyceride and sunflower lechiten as ingredients!

I think i might break out?

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are you concerned about the lecithin or lectins? its lectin not lecithin that can cause acne not sunflower/ soy lecithin. lectins = proteins lecithin = fat anyways i think sunflower lecithin is better than soy lecithin

dont stress over it; maybe that could contribute to a breakout :alien:

i'm not sure about triglyceride...

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The triglycerides are just part of your fish oil, since normally they are already digested fat and converted carbs/calories that are not needed right away. Assuming the manufacturer did not add them on purpose, it's completely natural. Lecithins are used as emulsifier, but they also play an important role in breaking down fats. I wouldn't worry about your new fish oil pills. Like Chris-6 already said: stressing over it will probably give you a breakout sooner than the pills. There's already way too many people over here that question every single small ingredient in their food. If you were to follow everybody's advise, you would end up eating nothing at all. Just go for it, Adam. You'll know soon enough if it breaks you out. If it does, stop taking them then (I know it sounds like stupid advice, but at least you'll be one step closer to a clear face: you know what not to take). Good luck!

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