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talked to my derm about soy...

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i asked him if he's heard anything about soy causing acne or making acne worse and he said he has never heard anything like that. he said he's heard that some woman will get acne from cows milk but he's never heard anything about soy milk....

i've read tons of articles and peoples personal experiences with soy and acne online so i thought i would run it by my dermatologist.

i drink soy so it concerned me.

anyways, has anyone else ever actually talked to the dermatologist about soy and acne? what answers did you get?

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I haven't talked to a dermatologist in over a decade and wouldn't bother with even bringing up food to the average dermatologist. I know I told mine about how citrus caused my horrible cystic acne he was always giving me antibiotics for and he just shrugged. I never bothered going to a derm again until I developed rosacea.

But unfermented soy is one of the most common allergenic foods. It's one of the, highest in lectins, an anti-nutrient that has direct effects on acne and the digestive system which affects allergies and acne. And it's estro-genic which may help some people but make others worse.

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yeah my dermatologist is really cool and open to everything but i can see how some won't even give things like that a second thought.

he said he would look into it cuz he was now curios about it.

so i guess we'll see.

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i lost faith with dermatologists 10 years ago.

I came to this website and has been a savior.

Learned many things from many members.

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If your derm doesn't keep up with the latest nutritional/health studies/trends then you should stop going to see that derm.

You are what you eat.

Stop eating soy.

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