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Using Dan's BP Gel for Chest/Bacne

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Hey I have been on the regimen for like only a few days and I can't believe how good my skin is looking. I can't remember the last time I looked so clear and the bp is working great! My question is though, I have been applying 2.5% bp to my chest/back acne and it gets pretty dry. Not as dry as my face but I'm wondering if I need to be moisturizing twice a day on my body as well as my face.....????

Also while the Bp Gel has cleared me up fantastically, it has also drys my face up real good, not after i aplly bp or moisturizer but in the 15 minutes that i wait after taking a shower, my face is incredibly dry and feels like a mask..... would it be a good idea to moisturize my face say maybe 3 or even 4 times a day to prevent so much drying out? Can applying moisturzer be a bad thing if you apply it to often?

I know there a lot of ppl on these boards who are currently or have dealt with similar issues as mine so any tips, suggestions, or responses would be much appreciated, thanks.

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I don't think an extra dose of moisturiser during the day will do much harm

look at other ways to help combat the dryness also. Use a liquid cleanser ie: aquanil, moisturel, cetaphil, basis comfortably clean and don't wash the area for long >10-20 seconds is enough. I think using a body moisturiser would be fine - just watch out for ingredients which are pore clogging or irritating.

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