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I usually have a few pimples around my mouth area but over the last 5 days I have had an outbreak unlike what I am used to. It started with 5-6 on the right side of my chin under my mouth. I used some spot treatment on a few of them. Yesterday about 5-6 more whiteheads started in the area. The spot treatment worked on 2 bigger ones that are now somewhat shriveled up.

The weird part is this breakout physically hurts and I rarely get these little whiteheads. I do happen to get 2-3 pimples in the same spot occasionally but I now have 9-12 all in one red area on the right side of my chin.

Any ideas? Could it be from the spot treatment?

P.S. I change my pillow cases all the time and don't sleep specifically on the right side of my face. I have been drinking alot of water the last week and getting plenty of sleep.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Oh yeah and I am a guy and don't wear makeup :)

As the day has progressed I have gotten 4 more little whiteheads in the same circle of an area.

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I thought that maybe the spot treatment had dried my skin out too much. That as well as the cold weather. A lady I saw for my face said that small whiteheads are oftentimes the result of your skin being too dry. However I have been moisturizing my face even more and have continued to break out. Pretty much over the past 8 it seems like 3-4 new whiteheads form only on the right side of my chin though. It is horrible. Does anybody have any thoughts? I have had acne before however this is the worst breakout I have ever had and I hate even going out into public.

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I have been using a retexture cream from Visual Changes and the spot treatment is the Neutrogena On-The-Spot treatment. After the whiteheads "pop" so to say they seem to just keep coming back. It is a huge red mess on my chin.

What moisturizer are you using? And which spot treatment?
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