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I know it's not exactly OTC as I had to get it online, but anyway.......

Quite excited ( I don't get out much, clearly! ) as my ClearPores arrived today! So I'll start tonight and let you know how I go.

I'm impressed you get the herbal pills with the lotions too. I did a search on all the herbs listed in the ingredients, and they are indeed recommended for skin probs. So although it's not an entirely natural regime, it's got a bit of nature in it!

Until my skin got really bad ( to the extent that I had to actually ring in sick from work with a BS excuse, cos who's gonna be sympathetic if I told the truth?! ) I went along with the whole " You shouldn't put anything on your face that you wouldn't eat" school of thought. It did feck all! So I unsubscribe from that opinion and now it's more " I'll do whatever the hell it takes to get my quality of life back! " tbh.

So watch this space. Is anyone else currently on this regime, by any chance? It's my birthday in 4 wks. I'll be 34yrs!!! That's my incentive. I seriously DO NOT wanna be edging into the mid-thirties bracket with acne AND the ever-encroaching wrinkles!!

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OK It's been 4 days. I just got in from work tonight and I had 5 whiteheads I had to squeeze cos they were full of gunk! There were none brewing this morn when I left for work 11hrs earlier.

What I do is, when I get home and know I'm not gonna be going out again, I wash my face with Hibiscrub, cos I wanna get rid of all that concealer incase that is compounding the problem.

So tonight, I only saw these whiteheads after I washed. They appeared where there were already red marks, therefore, I don't think the ClearPores caused them, I think they were brewing anyway, even tho there was none of the usual tell-tale pain beforehand. Maybe it's encouraging my pores to expel all this shit instead of hanging onto it. Interesting theory!! :doh:

It's not drying my skin out excessively or anything either, which is heartening. I'll keep you updated tho.

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I tried ClearPores out a couple months ago, and didn't have much luck. My skin got nicer after about a week of use, but after that, it went in the opposite direction and got much, much worse. I stuck with it for another few weeks and finally decided to give it up, since my condition never improved.

I hope it works out fine for you, though!

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It's been 8 days. I had just 1 whitehead this am which got the shit squeezed out of it. Had no more since my last report. Something is def working, cos it was literally a daily squeezathon on my face as the feckers kept on pushing thru my skin and it was bumpy as hell!

My concealer goes on MUCH better now as there's no huge bumps to try and disguise. It's all looking rather flat and subdued at the mo. Still red areas and I can feel a few bumps under the surface, like they can't decide wot to do, but certainly less bumps than before. I have a cluster of deeper ones that've been there for months, they're keeping me guessing, so I just cover them with make up and forget they're there.

I'm also starting with Finacea ( 15% Azeleic Acid gel ) tonight to try and eradicate the redness and I'll put it elsewhere ( i.e my nose ) to see if it helps with the blocked pores/sebaceous filaments, which look like saucers in some lights!

So ( touch wood! ) I'm improving. So far so good. Spk l8r xxxxxx

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