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Clean Start (Dermalogica young skin) - SA

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anyone used this and has it worked?? it seems to be working okay for me..

the only thing i can say is that annoyingly nothing in the cleanser/toner/treatment is antibacterial, so alothough its packed with SA, you still wake up with whiteheads! gr nightmare!

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I personally love a lot of the Dermalogica products but I stick to their Medibac line and other stuff. I've never tried "Clean Start" before. :)

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Yeah I was skeptical when I heard that too but my esthetician decided that Clean Start might not be strong enough for my acne. She seemed to not care at all about the age.

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We use Dermalogica at my school and personally, I like the medibac line more than the Clean Start, I think the Clean Start is really for teenagers who are just starting to get acne and really want to control it. You won't find any antibacterial or alcohol in any of the dermalogica products, they are all made to hydrate and will not dry out your skin. I really think you should maybe go to the medibac line, but DO NOT get the clearing gel cleanser!! It's extremely harsh and will make your skin worse, it should actually be used on your body instead because it will kill the barrier on your face. So yeah, if you're a teen and you're just starting to get acne, I recommend the Clean Start line, but for people who have had acne I recommend the medibac line. The overnight clearing gel is actually really good.

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