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Chris M

my thoughts on AHA+ stinging

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Ok so I am, i guess, one of the lucky ones who only needs to do BP at night to stay clear. But I have an interesting situation with the AHA+. So first, my regimen consists of:

Morning: Cleanse (acne.org cleanser), Moisturize (CeraVe, Jojoba Oil)

Night: Cleanse (acne.org cleanser), BP (acne.org BP), Moisturize (acne.org AHA+)

But here is the odd thing, when I originally was doing the regimen twice a day (as recommended), I tried the AHA+ as a moisturizer and it was like putting fire on my face! So I didn't use it again until I realized that my face was staying clear with BP once a day, and was no longer red, dry, and irritated. So at this point I decided to attempt to spot treat a small pimple forming on my chin. So I was brave and decided to break out the dreaded AHA+ to zap that thing, and I realized something... it did not sting one bit! So I said hhmm, i dunno, just a good night for me I guess.

Fast Foward 4 days later. I have used AHA+ as my moisturizer for the last 4 nights and to my astonishment, it has not stung at ALL! I mean not even one bit! And it works amazing! So my question to everybody out there is, does the application of a full dosage of BP only ONCE a day and application of AHA afterwards have the same non-stinging effect on you? I'd like to know because I feel that I have sensitive skin cuz I couldn't handle the redness and dryness with twice a day BP, and I would have assumed that even once a day would still make the AHA burn like a mother! thoughts?

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i pretty much use BP for spot treatment on developing acne......

THen i use AHA+ on old acne that is dried up and almost healed......it doesn't sting

this work for anyone?

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