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Derm doesn't think higher dose is necessary

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I was put on 60 mg for a five month course. My acne was very mild. I had mild breakouts on my cheeks only. I never had cysts, just small bumps with nothing in them that turned into flat hyperpigmentation marks fast.

Anyway when I moved to the city I live in now, I was 145 lbs. I warned my doc that I can fluctuate up or down depending on my stress levels. By the time I got all the blood work and pregnancy test crap done (which took some time, because I had problems with ipledge), I weighed about 155 lbs and I think my doc dosed me based on that. He told me that my fluctuations wouldn't matter, since it doesn't change the dose that much.

So anyway I was clear less than fourteen days of taking accutane. My 'IB' happened in the first week--it was only about 3 bumps that raised to the surface, hardened, then fell off. My skin has been 100% flawless.

My derm doesn't think I need to raise the dosage past 60 mg, but I'm worried that my cumulative dose dosen't add up. My average weight during my course was 155-160. I'll be done with accutane in March. When I go back to the derm, should I ask for a higher dose? I don't want to use accutane past March because I'm having cosmetic surgery in September. Also, how many more mg would I need to meet my cumulative dose? Why did my doc not put me on a higher dose? Because my acne was mild?

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