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to go on retin a or not to go on it.

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I finished my course of accutane last july and since my skin has been okay. Oilyness returned two weeks after my course ended. Skin has been doing okay. My primary derm said to just wash whenever you feel oily and that's about it.

I went to another derm and he said I should wash with pan oxyl and prescribed me retin a and said okay I'll see you in a month. My appointment lasted a whole two minutes if I am lucky. I don't think he spent enough time to diagnose me or even ask me questions.

So now I don't know what to do should I go on retin a or should I get another opinion. I don't want to go through another breakout period and such from the retin a. My main concern is oily skin.

Please help thanks.

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man that pisses me off when they just prescribe like they know everything. I wouldn't go on retin-a... it really dosent do sh*t. just wash your face twice a day and thats it.. dont worry about the oil, thats not whats giving you acne

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Yeah and when I called the doctor with concerns, his nurse calls back two days later and says the same thing. That the doctor wants me to use the retin a micro and pan oxyl wash. Okay so how was that any different from my two minute appointment. When I responded that I was concerned about another initial breakout she cut me off and said you're welcome to get another opinion. And I was like Wow okay. thanks for hearing me out.

It's like derms are not compassionate at all. They schedule you 10 minutes apart and spend three minutes max with you, and you pay these high specialty fees every visit. Sucks ass.

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