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Very long lasting red marks (years)

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First of all, hello! My first post here.

I'm 26, male, and suffered from moderate to severe acne for about 4 years now. I'm starting accutane in a few days because I still have active acne on my cheeks and chin.

I also have some red marks on my cheeks that seem like they have been there forever. I think some of them are from cysts I had back in 2007, which seems ridiculous since most people say red marks should be fading in 6 months. They seem to be fading but extremely slowly and it looks kinda bad because I have a lot of them. :doh:

Another thing is I wonder if some of them are permanent. When I look straight into the mirror I only see redness, but when I turn my head against a shadow (or straight to the light) the skin around the hyperpigmentation area seems slightly uneven. Basically little pits that can only be seen if you twist and turn. I'm getting slightly annoyed about it. After finishing accutane I'd really like to have a good looking and healthy skin without stupid pits no matter which way you look in the mirror. Some people say shallow scars even out by themselves. Also since Accutane thins the skin I was thinking maybe the uneven areas will get better when I'm taking the drug?

But really, is it normal for hyperpigmentation to stay for 2-3 years and still not totally fade?

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I know this is interspecies here, but my rat had the equivalent of a red mark that lasted 2 years . . . 2/3 of her life. If rats are similar to humans physiologically . . . I thought it was permanent, but it did eventually go away.

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Everyone's skin heals differently. Some people's red marks fade within months, not mine. I have had red marks for as long as I can remember. The reason for that is because, every zit I get leaves a red mark, and I haven't managed to get my acne fully under control. Imagine a constant cycle of getting a pimple, and having to deal with a new red mark. It's difficult. I believe that once I get my acne fully under control, I won't get any new red marks and I can deal with old ones.

Currently, I alternate between AHA and Finacea. My red marks have faded, but not completely. They are very noticeable when I get flushed after exercise, or nervousness. Luckily, I wear foundation which masks that. The general public doesn't notice how red my red marks truly are.

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