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i'm a 17 years old girl and i have had chin acne for about 6 years.

my skin is relatively oily (mostly forehead, nose, chin).

the chin acne not severe or light; i'd say it's mild.

my chin is really sensitive and is pretty red too.

the problem is, the acne in my chin starts with a little black dot (i think they're blackheads but i'm not quite sure..)

after a few days, a little bump appears with the little black dot in the middle.

then, it turns into a pimple.

however the time it takes for the bump to turn into a pimple varies.

sometimes it takes one day or sometimes weeks to form a pimple.

or even the type of acne varies as well (papule or pustule).

also, my chin acne seems to aggravate about 2 weeks before my period.

my routine is washing my face twice a day using spectrojel cleanser then moisturizing.

i exfoliate my skin using the baby brush method 2 times a week.

i don't touch my face.. especially my chin.

my face is somewhat clear (with exception of the forehead where i sometimes get little pimples).. my chin is the only problem.

can anyone help me?

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I too suffer the same problem. I only ever really get acne around my chin and occasionally on my forehead. I stand by natural remedies and diet and would reccomend you read my latest topic on diet and natural ways to get rid of acne!

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