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When should i take my other vitamin/supplement before or after taking accutane

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hey guys big question when should i take my supplements such as Glucosamine & Chondroitin With Msm Triple Strength, omega fish oil, etc....

what is reccomended? take it before or after or take it all at once.... YOU HELP IS APPRECIATED THANKS

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make sure ur multivitamin doesn't have vitamin A in it. They make B to Zinc vitamins. I take fish oil and flaxseed oil pills but I don't take them with accutane. I would suggest trying to space out taking accutane and ur other pills, but I don't think it would be bad to take them all at once.

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i would just avoid supplements. people tend to think that dietary supplements are just "supplements" but in actuality they are drugs. they dont necessarily help much anyways but they are considered drugs. i know this sounds weird but most people tend to think that since that they are supplements are suppose to help a person get all their vitamins, etc that they dont harm. trust me however, if you taking accutane, do not take other oral pills. it will just do more harm onto your liver. try to get your nutrients from foods. it will be safer and less harsh on your liver.

people come to the pharmacy all the time with problems but they RARELY think it is because of the drug that they are taking because they think that the drug is suppose to beneficial, which they are but they also have side effects as do with everything else you put in or do to your body.

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I respect your opinion dykim90 but I disagree (somewhat). I'm not suggesting that multivitamins are a replacement for the real thing, but I do think they HELP if you are not receiving an adequate amount of a certain vitamin. I currently do not take a multivitamin, but I do take fish oils and flaxseed oil pills and prior to taking them I would get bad joint pain after I would workout/exercise. I find these pills greatly alleviate the pain I get, and I think the benefits of taking these pills outweigh the side effects (at least for me).

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