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i'm really scared. i finished my 3rd round of accutane a month ago. and i should likely expect my acne to come back to torture me within a few months. everytime i finish accutane a few months later it comes back and my face becomes horrendous with huge boils on my face. i kinda don't want to go on a FOURTH round as it may get dangerous but it may be my only choice. being on the 3rd round i could really feel the drug affecting me with depression and i think caused me mental problems. like it would cause me to have repetitive thoughts and i'd stay up real late at night thinking these useless thoughts.

i dunno maybe it was my own OCD behaviour not the drug. i really want to stop the acne in its tracks while theres time (maybe 3 more months maximum). so i'm trying excersise (1/2 hour cardio running, 1/2 hour weight training), eating veggie/fruit smoothies, cutting out dairy, more sleep (from 12 -8 rather than 2/3am to 11am. sleep is possibly the major cause of my acne. i've been having terrible sleep for a long time.

i don't think 3 months will give me enough time and i fear it won't cause dramatic results. i'm thinking of quitting school and work for 1/2 a year and focus on clearing my acne but my mum wouldn't understand. i don't want to have to constantly have people stare at my face and having to call in sick to work because of acne.

i've done that before. and i've gone to work with a huge boil. my mum's paying for my education but i'm doing horrible because acne makes me not want to study and if i go on accutane i'll be depressed. it's weird because out of my 3 other siblings i have the worst acne. 2 of them rarely get any. my bro was really bad before but grew out of his. anyways does anyone have any advice on possibly nutrition? or vitamins? or any other advice i should take now while i have my 3 months of freedom?

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Im in a similar position as you, thing is though its 5.30am over at the moment and I need to get some sleep lol, but I'll post some advice up tommorow

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Im in a similar position as you, thing is though its 5.30am over at the moment and I need to get some sleep lol, but I'll post some advice up tommorow

where's my advice!!!!! :(

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You should check out the Nurition and Holistic Health forum here. It's great! :D

As far as clearing acne naturally, I've never had much luck because I have digestive issues, but I can give you some suggestions that have helped other people!

-drink 2-3 cups of rooibos tea per day

-eat a ton of leafy greens and vegetables (kale and spinach are great) and make sure to chew them up REAL GOOD

-get some healthy fats like extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil, almonds and walnuts

-eat a moderate amount of fruit (2-3 pieces a day); too much can be bad because of all the sugar, so be careful when you make smoothies. berries are even better because they are low in sugar.

-try a hypoallergenic diet to see if you have food sensitivities that cause acne (check out my log if you'd like help with this)

-get more fiber in your diet from things like veggies, oat bran, quinoa, and chia seeds

-getting extra Omega 3 and Omega 6 (GLA) can help with inflammation and hormone balance. I like taking a tablespoon of hemp oil a day to get these fats, but fish oil is good for Omega 3 and borage oil for Omega 6 if you can't find hemp. Taking the oil with a 1000mg or more Lecithin supplement and a fatty meal or drink will help your body to use the good fats.

-other possibly helpful supplements are Niacinamide (250mg 2x a day), zinc gluconate (50 mg/day), chromium (200-400 mcg 2x/day), and Vitamin D3 (2000-5000 IU daily if it is winter). don't try too many supplements at once or you might make things worse and not know what's causing it.

The best advice I can offer is just RELAX. Excessive stress can undo all of your efforts to be healthy and clear your skin. Good luck, and feel free to message me with any questions!

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Im in a similar position as you, thing is though its 5.30am over at the moment and I need to get some sleep lol, but I'll post some advice up tommorow

where's my advice!!!!! :(

Ok basically Ive been on a long term low dose course of accutane for a while, around a year and a half Ive been taking 10mg a day, it kept me pretty much completely clear of active acne the whole time. I tried stopping 3 times during this year and a half, every single time, within a week of stopping I would start breaking out again, and within a month of stopping my acne would be getting so bad again that I ended up back on the accutane.

I stopped the accutane again about 3 1/2 weeks ago, its been almost a month and this time I havent felt the need to start on accutane once again. However this time I decided I needed to make some massive changes if I wanted to keep clear without accutane.

Basically Im attacking acne at all fronts, after a shitload of research on this site I think that the major causes of acne are either

1.) Messed up hormones

2.) Abnormal keratization of the skin (pores are unusually easily blocked)

3.) A weak liver

4.) Digestive problems such as Gluten and dairy intolerance

So firstly to regulate my hormones I take Saw palmetto to inhibit the amount DHT created, DHT is a form of Testosterone that causes oil glands to go into overproduction. I also take Green Tea extract for the same reason, although some studies say that Green tea extract actually raises overall testosterone levels ( I think it does, but also lowers DHT levels at the same time). Zinc is also good for hormone balancing, however I cant use it as I think it triggers my rosacea (accutane induced rosacea) but zinc is definately something you should look into. The other two you should do a LOT of research before deciding to take, especially if you are young and you are still developing. Zinc though is pretty safe to take.

Secondly, to combat the abnormal keratinization of skin, I use AHA+ to exfoliate and make it harder for my pores to get blocked, Ive also bought some Finacea as it basically does the same thing as AHA+ but is more effective, but it hasnt come in the post yet. The reason why accutane works so well imo is that it normalizes the keratinization process of the skin (I think) and this combined with reduced oil is why it can clear up acne 100%.

thirdly the liver, the liver is basically your body's detox centre, all the toxins and excess hormones and shite that you put in your body is filtered out by the liver, if you have a weak liver then it cannot filter all this crap out and your skin is one way a weak liver manifests itself. To strengthen my liver I take a whole bunch of supplements, Milk thistle extract is probably the best one for it, but also look into alpha lipoic acid, NAC and MSM.

Lastly I have changed my diet completely, I have cut out (or at least cut down majorly on) gluten, dairy and sugar. There is a big link between gluten intolerance and acne, My friend who has celiacs disease also used to have fairly severe acne (mainly really big boils), and after reading alot in the Nutrition and diet section of this forum it seems that alot of people who have gluten intolerance have acne. Now its fucking hard to cut out gluten compeltely but I think just by cutting down on the stuff might show some improvement, because I used to eat ALOT of gluten. Its hard trying to keep it out of your diet and it limits what you can eat massively, but I think it is worth a try. Also cutting out dairy just to see the effects of that, Im pretty sure that dairy and mainly cheese gives me acne in the jawline and sideburn area.

Anyway, so far ive been of tane for 3 1/2 weeks and my acne is much more controllable then when I stopped accutane the previous times. Im not sure what exactly has made the most difference since I started doing all this stuff at the same time. But Im going to keep doing if it keeps working, which I fucking hope it does, because I really do not want to go back on the accutane again.

Hope that info helps somewhat, I know its alot to take in at once, and I wont lie, it will be expensive buying all those supplements and buying gluten free pasta and all that shite, but this time I really wanted to stay off accutane for good and not keep having to go back.

I suggest you read through this post, and then do further research into it, for supplements and diet information the Nutrition and health section of this forum has some very clued up people on it.

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Ive also bought some Finacea as it basically does the same thing as AHA+ but is more effective

Interesting! I am using both. I alternate nights between the two. I decided to start using AHA, because it's cheaper than Finacea.

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Honestly, acne is multi-faceted and there aren't really "top universal reasons" as to why individuals have acne. For some it may be hormones, for others food allergens. And still for some, other reasons.

Instead of being disheartened, I suggest using the org and it's vast amount of knowledge to maybe find new avenues?

As for finacea...I LOVE that product! It took a couple months to fully work, but it keeps my acne at bay for the most part and my red marks fade in a matter of days even if I get a pimple or two.

Keep your chin up. =)

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