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Spiro Questions!! Need answers plz!

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Okay, so I am 15 years old. My skin is very oily. I suffer from pimples/acne on my:

forehead (mainly clusters, not all are inflamed, but some are red)

nose (probably my worst area..been suffering here the longest..lots of old red marks and then pimples on top of that)

chin (pimple every once in a while...red marks here too)

cheeks (some pimples not near jaw line but more near the nose..)

I NEVER USED TO BREAK OUT ANYWHERE BUT MY NOSE, but now all of a sudden..i am getting pimples everywhere strangely..and my forehead is pretty bad. It does get worse around my period.

Would Spironolactone be suitable for me? Am I too young? How should I ask my derm?

I have an appt on the 8th of February and I am getting hopeful :)

I've done a lot of research on Spiro and it seems like it might help me. I'm not sure.

Things I have tried:

Retin A Micro .04 - I'm not gunna lie, I guess I can say that it did work but it made my face continually irritated/red...and lots of blackheads!! Also..contributed to most of my red marks.

Every OTC product you can think of LOL.

BP - irritates my skin, dry flakes, doesn't seem to work!

SA - dry dry skin, doesn't make it worse or better...


please, offer any assistance you can.

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Considering your age, I wouldn't personally suggest taking Spiro. However, your derm. should know more about it so just come right out and ask at your appointment.

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Well it blocks androgens, a hormone, and at 15 your body is trying to grow utilizing hormones...I don't know the exact science here, so it's best to do some research.

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