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Bentonite Clay + Activated Charcoal

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I'm going to the health store tomorrow to buy bentonite clay and activated charcoal to draw all the toxins out of my body.

Has anyone tried it? It's very popular with people who do detox's and colon cleansing. Bentonite clay is a little better than activated charcoal. Obviously you'd take it after dinner, before bedtime. I'm also buying some epsom salt for a bath/face soak =]

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I've been using epsom salt in my baths and on my face for about 2 weeks now. I don't see any negatives coming from it.

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If it were me, I'd skip the bentonite clay, but I have been curious about the activated charcoal. There was a really long thread on curezone about a guy who cured his acne with activated charcoal and psyllium husks. There are people on here who have helped their acne with psyllium husks, but I don't think anyone has achieved 100% with it though. There's a guy on here who completely cured his acne and he used activated charcoal, though that's far from his entire routine.

The problem I have with bentonite clay is it glues up the protective mucosal lining of the intestines, forcing your intestines to completely purge the whole lining and make a new one. I imagine that's not a good thing. But maybe it is, who knows.

The concern with activated charcoal is that it can absorb medications, so it has to be taken at least 2 hours from the time you take any medications. Also, you have to drink a LOT of water. In the curezone thread, some people got sick and threw up because they didn't drink enough water with it.

However, one thing that I found to be impressive of activated charcoal is that in lab rats, feeding them activated charcoal extended their lives by something like 35%.

I would be curious as to the success of activated charcoal on it's own.

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I have used the bentonite clay as a clay bath. i have read that you are supposed to put about a cup or so of powder clay in the bath, and let it sit for about 20 min, then hop in for up to 1 hour. i take them a few times a month for the detox effect. not really too sure if it works, but i do feel pretty calm and relaxed after i get out. i have read up on it, and what they say is that the toxins in your body carry a positive charge, while the clay has a negative charge. the negative charge of the clay pulls out the toxins from your body and actually traps it inside of the clay particles. it sounds like it make sense to me. I cant say that i have noticed a change in my acne, but mine is related to hormones, so im not sure if this would make a huge difference for me anyhow. worth a shot, if anything, im sure it would be good for your overall health, which may start to improve your skin.

I have also in the past tried the PB shakes, which is pysillium husk(spelling?) and bentonite clay. It was so awful to drink, that i had a really hard time going at it 100%. i tried a couple, but not enough to know if it helped or not....was probably the WORST thing i have ever ingested!!

bentonite clay also makes a decent face mask, although you may want to be careful how many times you do it every month. It is by far the strongest mask i have used, but also works the best at clearing out pores. I only use it once or twice a month, because too much of it can become very drying for my sensitive skin. Just make sure to use lots of moisturizer when your done.

Ive got a big tub of the clay, i like it, theres a whole lot you can do with it.

good luck!!!!

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Thanks for the reply! I'm not going to get Aztec Indian Healing Clay/Queen Helene because I can't really wait for shipping from iherb or vitacost *again* so I'm buying it from the healthfood store. It would be pretty cheap I'd imagine.

I'm ...

1. Drinking it to detox

2. Bathing in it

3. Using it as a face mask


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