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acne and high school

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Haha yeeerp!!!

Ooh some kid with spots...lets stare at him because little do i know but im not predisposed to acne.

Why doesn't he just clean his face? :wall:

Vent over. Peace bro. Clear Skin!!

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and why do schools have to be filled with friggin florescent lights, huh? those things dont help anybodys appearance

I couldn't agree more!!

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jesus fuck and ppl will ask " what do you have so much acne?" wtf kind of a question is that?! what do i even say to that shit

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yeah, it sucks especially when people are talking to you, looking you in the eye, then look up at your forehead and your like "yeah thats fucking ance, i know you don't have any, but others actually do suffer."

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Shame most uneducated people think acne is down to personal hygene, And they have no idea how that person suffers from extremely low self esteem and stress due to acne, then the bullying just agravates this, Yet most people who dont suffer acne in high school (Like my self) Are blessed (sarcasm) with it at 17 or 18.

Just keep your head up bro, 80% of people will have some kind of acne in there life time.

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