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wierd breakout, so itchy couldn't sleep...

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I've had mild/moderate acne sine I was 14. Last night I couldn't sleep because my face was so itchy. I stopped applying bp or any creams to my face a month ago. I haven't taken any supplements or vitamins in while. I've never had a breakout like this before. there are tiny little bumps all over my face, like 100 of them. very tiny and very itchy. Some of them have already come to a head, meaning there is a white surface. This usually means that they will go away soon. I'm afraid to shave because of how itchy my face is already.

I am starting accutane next week and when I saw my doctor last week, my face didn't have any of this. I only had the typical zits I always get.

What do you think happened to me? I don't think it's an allergic reaction to food or anything like that because I haven't eaten anything that I don't typically eat.

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My derm finally called me back. He told me to try hydrocortisone and no soap on the face. I did and it feels better now in terms of itching. The bumps are still there and look nasty though :(:(:(

My face looks awful. It's very very oily from the hydrocortisone and looks terrible. There are little bumps everywhere. It looks like acne but I'm sure it's not. I've never broken out like this before. Hopefully the itchiness will hold off so I can get some sleep tonight. sheeesh! very frustrating right now!!! I can't wait to start my isotretinoin treatment next week!

Anyone else experience something similar to this?

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