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Foundation to use with the regimen?

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Does anyone have recommendations for a liquid foundation to use with the regimen? I saw the Almay blending foundation recommended but I've tried the blush in that same line and it pills/rolls off the product underneath just like the Mary Kay foundation I use to use. I have some Bare Minerals makeup that I use to like a lot before this program, but it does the same thing. Just wondering if anyone has tried anything else that won't pill off and works well. So far right now I just use some concealor under my eyes and on any red spots I have, and just some pressed powder to dust on the top. But there are times when I want more coverage...

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I use MAC studio fix fluid. Its fine, great coverage, except not great if your having problems with dryness as the flakes just look terrible with it on.

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I think the problem with foundations and the regimen is less with the makeup itself and more with the products you use underneath. Some moisturizers will clump with makeup if you don't let them dry long enough, and others just clump up no matter how long you let them dry. Also, if you have dry skin or flaking, that will mess up any foundation you use, so take care of that ASAP with jojoba oil and AHA.

One thing I do with liquid foundation (CoverGirl TruBlend) that works pretty well is to:

1) Do the regimen as usual, moisturizing with Dan's moisturizer

2) Pump the foundation into my palm and mix it evenly with some of Dan's moisturizer

3) Gently apply a light layer of the mixture with my fingertips while the primer layer of moisturizer is still wet

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I agree that dryness or flaking is going to be problematic with any foundation, but I'm finding that powders are just not working for me on the regime. I'm using the AHA+ and jojoba, and both are taking care of the flaking pretty well. Even with no visible dryness or flakiness, as soon as I put on power foundation (I've used Bare Minerals for years, and really like that full coverage), the flakes magically appear.

I tried Almay Smart Shade, which was too sheer for me, so I'm now using Almay Truly Lasting Color. It still isn't the full coverage that I would prefer, but it goes on smoothly and no flakes appear. My guess is that powders are just too drying, and a liquid foundation is necessary on the regimen.

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Okay, I never had to wear makeup until almost two years ago after I had my son, got my tubes tied, and stopped taking birth control. Thats when the acne started. So, I didn't know anything about makeup and I googled noncomedegenic products I bought maybelline liquid mousse foundation and it said airbrush finish. Well I tried it and no one knows I have on makeup and it gives great coverage and really is an airbrush finish and works well with the regiman and doesnt cause any new breakouts.

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Those are all very helpful, thanks! I recently discovered that if I use a wet sponge and put the foundation on there first and then smooth it on my skin before the moisturizer is totally absorbed it works a bit better. Still get some pilling of the product at times, but it's not nearly as bad. Maybe I'll try rubbing some moisturizer on the sponge first instead of water...

Is that almay foundation a nice moisturizing formula? I was trying to find something moisturizing that was also non comedogenic. I want more of a light coverage, like the dewy look. I don't have acne anymore but still some redness and some tiny scars.

What about the Maybelline mousse? Is that a matte finish or more of a dewy finish?

And yes, I do get fairly dry and flaky on the regimen at times. I do use jojoba oil, both before applying bp and also mixing it in with the moisturizer. I'm excited because I just ordered the AHA too.

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I've also wondered if a moistened sponge might help when applying foundation; I should try that. Or I think mixing a bit of moisturizer with a liquid foundation on your palm before applying could help when especially dry. I've also read that even misting brushes with a little water helps when applying powder.

The Almay liquid foundation (both the Smart Shade and TLC) is definitely not a matte finish. It's pretty translucent, so I think it might be the dewy finish you're looking for. I've also found that the jojoba oil itself gives me a dewy look. And I think the Almay line is moisturizing, and it really does seem to be the most recommended brand for acne-prone skin.

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I do my makeup similar to Cool As Kim Deal. I wear Almay Smart Shade and what I do is I squirt about two pea-sized blobs into the palm of my hand and rub my hands together, then apply it to my face like moisturizer with both hands. This works out much better than dotting it on and trying to blend it in.

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Using a basic primer underneath your makeup should help prevent from any dryness or flakiness -- or any balling effect the foundation might give you.

After you do the first two steps of the regime (cleanse, then apply your BP) -- when your BP is dry, try using your fingertips to press only a few drops of a nourishing oil into your skin (either RoseHip Oil or BioOil) ... and wait for it to dry slightly. Then instead of using your moisturiser, apply a generous ammount of a pre-foundation primer (one that is chamomile or vitamin E based will work wonders for your skin - Napoleon Auto Pilot is fantastic) to your skin. Try and focus on the areas that might appear a little flakier and dryer than the others (corners of nose ... forehead, etc) Wait about a minute ... and apply your liquid foundation (Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect leaves a beautiful dewy, fresh faced look, where as a product like Maybelline Dream Matte Liquid Mousse gives a much more matte look with heavier coverage)

A damp sponge for foundation application should only be used if you're after a much lighter and semi-transparent look. Otherwise a normal foundation sponge is fine - be weary of using your fingers as it can sometimes simply transfer a lot of oil.

Shiseido Pureness mattyfing compact, is also a really fantastic foundation for acne prone skin, and Dermalogica also make specific treatment foundations - i.d bare escentuals is also another product that was specifically designed for acne prone skin.

Hope some of this helps!!!

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