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Ortho Tri-Cyclen: Could There Really Be Hope Attached With This?

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I've been dealing with acne since I was probably around 12 years old, a bit younger. Around the time when I started my period. Over time it just got worse and worse, and eventually developed and peaked into moderately severe cystic acne in less than a years time. So I went to the dermatologist, and I've tried every topical and antibiotic on the market.

I'm too sensitive for topicals it appears.

Eventually I went on birth control in December of 2008. For treatment of horrible horrible cramps (I have a history of endometriosis in my family). But also my acne. I am still on Loestrin 24, and have been since then. For a while when it was accompanied by my minocycline before my mom took me off of it when she read it could interfere with birth control (which is just theoretical I found out today), my skin was very clear and I was fairly pleased. But after stopping minocycline, my acne got progressively worse again.

I don't have a lot of acne. Moderate acne I'd say now, it's definitely better than when I was younger a few years back. But it is very persistent. I can't remember the last day I didn't not have one blemish on my face.

My dermatologist today suggested Ortho Tri-Cyclen rather than Loestrin. Loestrin is a low dose birth control, and ortho tri-cyclen has been proved to treat moderate acne.

I'm not expecting it to clear me up completely. I'm also going to try using a wash that contains sodium sulfacetamide. But hopefully it clears me up a little more.

If these don't work, I'm going to have to do Accutane.

I was just wondering about the side effects that come along with ortho tri-cyclen, and how well it has worked with anyone with acne. I did really well on Loestrin 24. No weight gain, headaches, my periods were instantly shorter and lighter, sex drive is still good if not increased. Initially I had spotting for the first month I took it but that's a given. Also, I'm somewhat moodier at times.


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