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So if you look at my previous threads you will know I decided a month ago to go on Accutane because my acne I've had since age 14 has not gone away and I am now 20. Basically I've been on a Minocycline 100 MG, Differin, Benzoyl Peroxide 5%, and (loseasonique birth control since october ish) regimen since August 2009, with little to no results. My skin actually got worse once I got to school. So I came across this website and started using more BP like the tutorial says and I started seeing results within a few days.My skin looked great over x-mas break and I was starting to think I didn't need Accutane at all.

But it turned out I broke out again and decided Tane was the best choice. When I got back to school again my skin broke out the worst it had in a couple months and I kept getting whiteheads on my cheeks. But the sides of my cheeks up into my forehead remained clear-still to this day. It's only my chin and the middle of my cheeks that break out consistently.

So I started using the BP even more and not touching my face and the side of right cheek is the smoothest and least pimply its been in a long time. I still get an occasional whitehead but nothing like before. I did get alot of scars from that last breakout beause I couldn't leave it alone, but I could always have those removed.

The kicker of the story is I am supposed to start Accutane in 5 days-Feb 2nd, and my skin doesnt even look bad at all. I am thinking if I could continue with the BP thing it would clear up..but there really is no convincing my mom of this. I'm going to explain to the dermatoligist all of this and she will see my skin and decide I guess. I know Accutane is the best choice, but I feel like my skin is different right now..

Oiy. thanks for reading the post.

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Your condition sounds similar to mine. It's never consistent. This inconsistency makes my life difficult so I decided to go on accutane. I am also starting in early Feb and as of right now, my skin looks pretty good.

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noooo listen to me..... go on accutane.. the side effects arent even that bad... using benzeol peroxide isnt gunna work forever and youll be back to square 1. use acctuane youll have clear skin and never have to think about it again

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