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to the vitamins and minerals poppers

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Just wanted to update, basically i was taking about 10 different vitamins and minerals about 3 months back, found that it helped heal up my spots and made me feel better about myself. but in reality didn't do an awful lot more after about the month mark.

I would suggest to anyone though to really go through one solid month of probiotics and vits etc then simply cut down to good diet and just sticking with vitamin c and zinc.

now all i take is 20mg zinc a day and 1000mg of vit c. (and i save about £30 in the process)

so far so good.

on a side note, when i stopped taking my multi vitamin i never got a cystic spot since... touch wood.


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A few people have noticed that multivitamins make them break out. I have no idea why that would be, but I have found it to be the case consistently with myself as well.

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Ive read this alot about vitamins and supplements, that they only work for a short period of time and then after that they dont work no more.

Im taking alot of supplements at the moment but I only take Milk thistle extract and Vitamin C daily, the others I take every other day or maybe daily for a week and then stop for a week and so on. Hopefully that way they wont lose their effectiveness as fast.

Does anyone know why this happens though? Why is it they are only effective for a month or so?

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