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Hey all,

I'm about to start on week 4 of the Regimen, and I'm thinking about ordering the AHA in a few weeks. The only thing is, I'm quite nervous about it for a few reasons, and I've also seen that it does a lot of things and I want to make sure that it's not just wishful thinking based on the reviews.

1) Purging. I have mild to moderate acne with a cyst every once in a while and DO NOT want a purge, especially since I'm well on my way to clear. Is it really awful?

2) Fading Scars. I have quite a few red marks from previous pimples, and one dark scar from a cyst that I had about a month ago. I've heard AHA fades scars; is that true? I really hope so!

3) Pores. My pores are obviously quite large because I have acne prone skin. Does AHA help to tighten up the skin and therefore make them smaller (or at least appear smaller?) Also, I have quite a few clogged pores (the flesh-skinned bump things), does it help with that?

4) Finally, by "evens out skintone", what does that mean exactly? I do know in terms of definition wise, but what has that looked like for all of you?

Thanks so much for your time and advice!

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1. Not everyone experiences a purging.

2. From the feedback we've received, many people do report fading of their red marks after continued use of AHA.

3. Exfoliation helps to remove surface dead skin cells which may be clogging the pores. So, exfoliation can help improve the appearance of pores, which may help them appear smaller. But keep in mind that pore size is largely genetic. Oily skin types tend to have larger looking pores.

4. This means that many people feel the AHA helps their skin look more even in skin color.

Hope that helps.

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Ive never really used AHA+ properly, only ever as a isolated spot treatment kind of thing, but the past week or so Ive been using it all over my chin (troublesome area) and I think it works better then BP for preventing and clearing spots due to the fact that it exfoliates dead skin meaning less blocked pores.

BP doesnt really do much for me and anyhow is way too irritating, AHA+ on the other hand is actually quite gentle on the skin.

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I found Dan's AHA helped lessen my red marks from old acne - AND it did make my skin feel smoother. It also works wonders for my dry skin around my mouth/nose area. Always takes care of that. Hands down.

However - it did NOT keep my skin clear, like BP does for me. The repeated (daily) use of AHA made my skin get shiny (from exfoliation) and greasy and I ended up having to back off of it for awhile.

As for a spot treatment - I found this to be a hit/miss situation for me. Sometimes, the AHA would calm the redness and inflamation down - and the zit would never come to head and would just disappear. Other times - the AHA would make the zit *more* red and agitated - and then the zit would come to head faster so I could pop it. Then it would heal faster that way. So the AHA has worked as a spot treatment both ways for me :)

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Like Katrina Mae, I can't use AHA every day. It does the same thing to me, but using it twice a week makes my skin appear less blotchy, has faded hyperpigmentation, and helps to get rid of those teeny tiny flesh bumps.

Good luck with it if you use it. I :wub: the stuff.

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Just wondering how it ex-foliates? When you wash it off the next morning more dead skin comes off than if you hadn't used it? Would you recommend helping it along with your fingers while in the shower or would that be too irritating? I'm just starting to use it going into my 4th week on the regimen and I can't figure out how to best use it and how it would actually ex-foliate.


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I just bought some St. Ives scrub with AHA...it claims to tighten your skin and even your skintone. It's a very gentle scrub (not as coarse as St. Ives Apricot scrub), so I'm hoping it helps with my hyperpigmentation.

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It exfoliates by just kinda dissolving stuff.. It's not like skin is falling off your face or anything.. Not sure where it goes really, I just know that when I wash my face in the morning product build-up and dead skin is gone. Weird I know haha.

Let me know if the St. Ives Scrub with AHA helps, I've never heard of it but it sounds interesting.

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Well when I tried to use AHA every day I found I broke out more. I didn't know if it was purging necessarily or what. So I stopped and then when I was clearer I reintroduced it every other night and I didn't break out like I did before. Right now I'm about 90% clear (!) and still using the AHA every other night. It has helped with the dryness and more importantly with the ton of PIH marks left over from acne. Now I love it.

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Yeah everyone is a bit different.. Some can't use it every night, some have to use moisturizer afterwards, etc. Just be persistent in figuring out what routine is best for you!

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1) AHA will not cause a purge, as long as you cleanse, apply BP, then apply the AHA, and a little longer this time, maybe moisturiser.

2) For me, the AHA, in the way I use it (see below,) really helps to even marks out on my skin, just does.

3) I can actually see some of my pores, don't know if thats normal, but the AHA helps to improve the appearance of them.

4) My interpretation of that is that it starts to make your skin, perfect, not completely perfect.

I use AHA every 2 days at the most, at least one a week though, it has no negative affects on my skin, if you use it too early it may make your skin quite red, if you use it for your first time it can sing slightly which you will benefit from using the moisturiser about 10 mins after.

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I just bought some St. Ives scrub with AHA...it claims to tighten your skin and even your skintone. It's a very gentle scrub (not as coarse as St. Ives Apricot scrub), so I'm hoping it helps with my hyperpigmentation.

AHA in a wash will be useless. It needs to stay on the skin, like any treatment.

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does aha cancel out the bp or make it less effective? i know it's not a retinoid, but with retin a and bp the bp cancels out the retin a...wouldn't it do the same thing as for aha?

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Okay, let's be professionnal.

AHA is an exfoliant, like BHA. In order to be efficient, the AHA product has to have an acidic pH, and most of the OTC AHA don't have it.

There are 2 differences between AHA and BHA :

* AHA is a surface exfoliant, it does not go deep the pores. It help renews the skin, dissolving the dead skin cells. Its main effects are a brighter skin tone, smoothing of the skin and smoothing of wrinkles / less wrinkles.

It is mainly used to prevent-aging.

It does not really help fading red marks as it does nothing against redness, however as it helps the surface to renew itself, it can be a bit useful. However it is not really a primary effect / target of AHA...

AHA has a moisturizing effects and help dissolve flakes etc.

It cleans a bit the pores too but nothing really impressive.

The drawbacks are that the skin becomes thinner (and more easy to damage, especially with high concentration AHA), redness / irritation can occur, etc...

Used concentration varies from 4 to 15% for OTC use. FDA recommand no more than 10%.

Higher concentrations are used by derms on peelings.

You are not likely to purge from AHA especially if you use BP. However AHA can be horribly irritating around eyes, and lips, so beware.

AHA have very little effect on spots and acne. It is more a help than a treatment.

Medical uses are mainly : ingrown hair prevention, wrinkle prevention, skin tone brightening, pore cleansing.

DKR AHA is a good pick as it contains anti inflammatory agent.

* BHAs are Beta-Hydroxy-Acid and are by nature stronger than AHA, so the concentrations are usually from 0.5 to 2%. BHA - salicylic acid is an acne killer as it penetrates really deeper in the skin and cleanse / dissolve the plugs, etc...

BHAs are very irritant and are strongly drying as they have no moisturizing properties.

It is a bit a deeper peel but has lower age prevention and wrinkle reducing effects than AHA and is far less used for the concerns. It also works as a carrier for other products (BP, moisturizer) by coagulating with them and going deep in the pores with them.

BHAs have a lot of drawbacks but can do wonder on skin tone and pore cleaning, and they are acne killer. THey also tend to have less thinning effects so your skin is less fragile.

Common drawbacks are : redness, itchiness, purging and breakouts (some break outs forever using BHA), dryness and irritation.

The only good BHA I found, as a chem engineer, is the one from Paula's Choice with a good pH. It contains anti inflammatory agents but you will be very prone to breakouts AND BHA + BP is a really harsh combo.

BHA Cleansers are useless (as AHA cleansers too).

BHA is typically used on lotion before moisturizing.

AHA is used as the last part of treatment as a moisturizer + treatment.

Hope it helps

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Dan's AHA shouldn't be used at the same time as his BPO but quite a few hours before using it, mainly because of the Vitamin E content. I don't know how great that content is, but better safe than sorry (*source: article: Advancement in benzoyl peroxide-based acne treatment: methods to increase both efficacy and tolerability from Journal of Drugs and Dermatology July 2009). I've just started using it, but the licocalchone may actually be just as important (if not more important) as the AHA content of his formula in terms of anti-inflammatory activity and addressing hyperpigmentation (source: Treatment of Hyperpigmentation from Seminars in Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery Volume 30 Issue 3, September, 2011. Also in Management of Hyperpigmentation in Darker Racial Ethnic Groups in the same journal Volume 28m, Issue 2, June 2009 )

Edited by skinnie
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