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SA, Boots products and the regimen

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hey guys. im just over 3 weeks into the regimen and im loving the results!

aAwhile ago i baught 2 loreal pure zone products as they had good reviews. "deep purifying gel wash" and "hydra pure anti regreasing moisturiser" and i was thinking about testing them out with the regimen and seeing if they would work with BP. what do you guys think?

Also, i have a Boots tea tree and witch hazel exfoliating scrub which i used to use once-twice a week before i started the regimen but stopped using it under Dan's advice, i was wondering whether it would be compatable with the regimen as i it does a great job and getting rid of dead skin and stuff covering red marks and dying spots. Ive also seen that my night treatment gel (also by boots) which i used to love has good reviews on this site, but noone sais whether they use it or not. I was thinking about using this before bed instead of the DKR moisturiser because the DKR one makes me go really red?

thanks for the help

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okay maybe this wasnt the best forum to post t his on maybe i should have posted on the UK one, but anyway, whats done is done.

last night i decided to try out the night treatment gel. i woke up this morning, skin looking just as good as it did last night, exept verrry flakey, flakes all over my pillowcase, so the gel really does not hydrate my skin enough, but i still might try and see what happens using both moisturiser and gel or something?

not sure on whether to use the exfoliater or not.. scared of ballsing up the success im having on the regimen..

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