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"Doesnt seem bothered by it"

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i got really annoyed a while ago because i went to the doctors because i was sick and i saw what she had written on her computer. months before then i had gone to her to try and get antibiotics because my skin was just uncontrollable :( . when i read what she wrote it said "mild moderate acne on face gave doxycycline doesnt seem bothered by it" what?! at this point i was practically begging her to find something that would work (which she didnt) and i was so embarassed and frustrated with her looking so close at my skin tears were forming in my eyes. i was only 13 and this didn't seem like anything to her. she never followed it up and she told me diet was in no way the cause of it, that i would just grow out of it. acne was controlling everything for me. school my friends my family going out relationships confidence going for things i wanted it totally stuffed up my mind. now after alot of trial and error i've changed my diet and lifestyle completely and my skin has dramatically changed. i was just so pissed off they she made me thing diet had nothing to do with it so i gorged on sweet fatty salty foods all the time which made my skin a lot lot worse :doh: and now i have scars. they should be acne doctors because the normal ones have no idea what there on about!!

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I know how you feel, but you have to be a bit more assertive, remember that your doctor works for YOU! If she's not doing her job properly be sure to tell her and to be quite frank threaten to change your doctor.

My doctor refused to prescribe me antibiotics, and I was straight up with him, told him that I've been using topicals and they weren't working, if changes weren't made in his treatment of my acne I was getting a new doctor...this also applies to everything in life, you can't be a pushover and expect to see results.

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How is it that you were able to see what she wrote on her computer? What she has on her computer is private, and not for you to see. Your job is to be as open and detailed to her as you can about past treatments, history of illness, etc. From there, she can formulate a proper regimen for you. If it doesn't work, and you begin to feel that your doctor is not doing the best she can, it is your responsibility to look around for a different doctor.

Always seek a second opinion. Your health is your responsibility.

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Perhaps she meant that you didn't seem by the antibiotic? Meaning you had no adverse reactions or something? That part could have been added later as a followup comment.

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Guest Chrisâ„¢
she never followed it up and she told me diet was in no way the cause of it, that i would just grow out of it.

If she really said that, find a new doctor/derm asap, she's full of shit and has no clue about acne.

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